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947 Breakfast Club Black Panther Screenings
947 Breakfast Club Black Panther Screenings

After a conversation the 947 Breakfast team had with the South African actors of the Black Panther movie, John Kani and Connie Chiume, the team kick-started an initiative to promote African pride among the less fortunate. It was John and Connie who indicated that they would love it if every South African child was able to watch the movie, so the 947 Breakfast team took it upon themselves to make it happen and raised a total of R1,039,800 to take over 8,000 young South Africans from underprivileged backgrounds to watch Black Panther, the first black superhero film.

Besides watching the movie for free, the youngsters each receive a movie ticket, popcorn, a cold drink, and doughnuts. The team rallied donors to help, and we at LottoStar are proud to have played a role in helping raise the money to make this happen, by donating over R173,200.

Rediscovering Black consciousness

Actor John Kani has praised the initiative and believes it will inspire hope and a black consciousness that may have been lost. “Every time they hear their language, when the mask comes off and they see the person is black, just like them, makes them feel proud to be African," he said. 

"It gives kids the chance to think about their future and what they can contribute to make their continent greater. It's almost like an African Renaissance: we are discovering ourselves. It will inspire us to tell our own stories and for us to know that the world is ready to listen to a story that is African."

More than 300 learners attended the first screening, and were treated to a surprise visit from John Kani and Connie Chiume. The first 1000 kids have been inspired by the film, and a lot has been learnt from the first few screenings. After the school holidays, the 947 Breakfast Club will pick up the pace of the initiative.

Wakanda Forever!

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