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Posted By: Nicole

A Bloemfontein man “almost had a heart attack” after finding out that he had just won R121 million in the South African Powerball Jackpot. The lucky winner who has asked to remain anonymous claimed his windfall last week Friday after purchasing his winning ticket from Belvera Supermarket in Bloemspruit, Bloemfontein.

“I bought the tickets the previous day and put them on the table. Early in the morning, I decided to check my tickets and when I did check, I nearly had a heart attack,” said the lucky winner.

The 60-year-old winner said that he is not a regular Powerball player, but he played the Daily Lotto regularly. “I have won money in the past but small amounts and the highest was about R50 000, but over the last 9 or 10 years I haven’t won very often” he said.

He was in such disbelief after finding out that he had won. He checked his winning ticket numerous times before going to the National Lottery Office. The lucky winner shared the exciting news with his wife and children, but they too were in disbelief.

“My wife is in Cape Town doing a course, so I called her at 2.20am and she wouldn’t believe me until I took a photo of the ticket and sent her the copy. It’s unreal,” he said.

The lucky winner and his wife have decided to invest a large majority of his winnings and would like to buy his wife a business for when they retire. However, the 60-year-old winner has no plans to stop working and hopes to do some farming in the future. He would also like to go on his dream holiday to Malaysia and purchase his dream car, a Ford Raptor with his winnings. In addition, the new millionaire intends on buying each of his three children a new home and car.

“We’ve got the finances now to do the things that we could not do in the past like buying new vehicles, going on holiday and there are no worries anymore. Now we can do what we want.”

“I have three children and two granddaughters, my third granddaughter will be here in three weeks’ time. This is a major life-changing experience. It’s difficult to explain what it would do for you and your children and their children,” said the major Powerball winner.

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