Baby Hannah's Heart-warming Story |
Baby Hannah's heart-warming story
Baby Hannah's heart-warming story

LottoStar has again helped a family in great need. Meet the du Plessis Family.

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Baby Hannah was born with a rare condition with only half her face formed leaving her with only one eye and half a nose. Her parents were in urgent need of funding for medical procedures which would serve to improve Baby Hannah's condition. Baby Hannah's father, a policeman, was selected to participate in the competition 947 LottoStar May Money Madness to win funds to help his daughter. However, as it turned out he was unable to answer the call as he was attending to a gunshot victim, and sent an email to 947 to request funds of R5000 for his daughter's eye operation.

On hearing this touching story and plea for help, LottoStar came to the rescue and donated R100 000 towards medical costs. This led to further donations from various radio listeners across Johannesburg. Baby Hannah now has the opportunity to improve her life from the generous sponsorship from LottoStar and Johannesburg. 

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This heart-warming story has touched all our lives - this shows what can happen when people unite to help fellow human beings.

Update on progress: 14 August 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from Julian (Baby Hannah's dad):

Julian confirmed that Baby Hannah is doing well but mentioned that they recently had sleepless nights as she was battling with a sinus infection. During this time, Hannah needed to be nebulized and was battling to breathe from the infection. This resulted in her parents holding her mouth open whilst she was sleeping to enable her to breathe properly. It took a few days, but Baby Hannah is a lot better and running around.

He also said that her eye operation is postponed to the beginning of next year and this will be followed by a nose operation. The operations have been delayed because of the infections that she recently had.

Julian excitedly informed of Baby Hannahs birthday next month and he will be sharing pictures and a birthday cake with us!

Update on progress: 14 December 2018

Julian sent through some fabulous pictures from Baby Hannah and had this to say, "Hannah is excited about Christmas, but it's going to be a tight one. Progress so far, Mr. Gavin has been enlarging her eye socket with conformers and Doctor Gouse is very impressed with the space gained for a prosthetic eye which will take place next year. Her nose operation is also set for August 2019 and will be done by Professor Buthou. Thank you to everyone at LottoStar."

LottoStar | 947 FM update: 18 April 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 947 on winning an award at the Liberty Radio Awards 2019 in the Community Project category for the Baby Hannah story.