Congratulations To South Africa’s Newest Millionaire! |
Congratulations to South Africa’s newest Millionaire!
Congratulations to South Africa’s newest Millionaire!
Big September

Did you have a feeling that you would win the R1 million cash prize?

I was praying that I would, but I didn't think I would win. It's a dream come true! Things have been tough for my family and I lately but this win is going to make our lives much better.

When you submitted your entry, did you have a feeling that you would win?

I've been listening to 947 the whole month and screaming at my radio when people haven't placed a bet or when they've picked the wrong bag. So, I told my mom if 947 could just phone me - not knowing that I would win the R1 million cash prize.

What did you think was going to happen as a result of winning the competition? And how did the reality differ?

I thought if I don't win the R1 million that maybe I would get a consolation prize but winning the R1 million feels much better.

How did you feel when you received a call from 947 saying that you are one of the finalists for Bet for a Million?

At first, I thought it was a scam, but I got excited once I received the email from 947 confirming that I was one of the finalists - I was awake and ready at 3 am this morning.

How did you find the 3 challenges leading to the R1 Million win?

I've been registered with LottoStar for 3 years now and for the duration of September, each Monday, I would put R50 in my account and place a bet on various games and it has paid off. So, I'm extremely happy that I did the 3 challenges.

Take us through your thoughts while you were doing the challenges.

There were 6 other contestants, so, I was praying that the two silver coin piggy banks get taken and that I would go through. When we were about to do the balloon challenge, I noticed that there was a balloon that didn't want to stay up. I thought to myself, "that balloon looks suspicious, maybe it has the gold confetti in it"

Have you ever won anything before?

I won R 6000 last month, betting on LottoStar's Live Games and last year, I won an Xbox in a 947 competition. This is by far my best win ever!

Any idea on how you would be spending your R1 Million?

A big portion of the R 1 million will go to my parents, they are our pillars of strength and they've sacrificed a lot for my family and I. I will also be buying my wife a car and I am going to help my brother fix his car. I might buy myself a better cell phone.

BIG September may be over but the winning never stops with LottoStar, place your bets today!