Get rich and don't die trying

Get rich and don't die trying

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Posted By: Nicole

What would you do to get rich quick? What lengths would you go to? Has anyone ever asked you this or have ever found yourself asking these questions? If not, take a minute to think about it… What would you do to get rich quick? Can’t think of anything? Well, here are some suggestions, you could invent something or invest in penny stocks, or chase “the next best thing”? How about robbing a bank? Sounds extreme but it’s no secret that for over centuries this is the length that some would go to get rich quick.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here is a list of the 5 biggest heists in the world so far, that we know of.

The Blanco Central burglary

One of the largest bank robberies in history was the Blanco Central burglary at Fortetaleza, Brazil in 2005. The thieves made off with about 160 million Brazilian Real which is just over 543 million in South African Rands, today. The heist was carried out by 25 individuals who purchased a property near the bank and drilled an underground tunnel to reach the bank vault. Once they reached the vault, the group of robbers broke through 3.6 feet of reinforced-steel concrete to get inside. Talk about going to lengths to get rich. Since the robbery took place, only a handful of the suspects or as some reports suggest, eight suspects were arrested. Furthermore, only 20 million Brazilian Real was recovered which is R67 million in South African Rands, today.

The Securitas depot robbery

To date the biggest cash robbery in British history is the Securitas depot robbery which took place in Kent, England in 2006. The men who disguised themselves with professionally made face masks abducted the manager of The Securitas depot and held his family hostage on the evening of the robbery. They used the manager to gain access to the depot and held 14 staff members hostage. The robbery took about 2 hours and the men made off with about $83 million which is 1.3 billion in South African Rands, today. Reports state that 36 assailants were arrested in connection to the robbery.

The Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery

In London, 1987, Italian criminal mastermind, Valerio Viccei led the Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery. The notorious Italian playboy had masterminded several armed robberies in Italy; however, The Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery would be his last. In July 1987, Viccei and his accomplice gained entry to Security deposit and once inside, the pair stole £160 million worth of goods which is equivalent to 2.8 billion South African Rands, today. A few days after the robbery, Viccei and his accomplice were arrested and in 2000 Viccei was shot and killed in a shootout.

The Dar Es Salaam Bank heist

One of the biggest and bizarre bank robberies in history is the Dar Es Salaam Bank heist in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2007, it’s alleged that three guards at the Dar Es Salaam bank were responsible for stealing $282 million form the Baghdad bank, which is equivalent to 5 billion South African Rands, today. According to reports, the robbers have never been caught and no money from the heist has ever been retrieved. This robbery went down as one of the biggest robberies in Iraq but, moreover, it raised many unanswered questions such as, why the bank had so much money in it and why was it all in dollars and not Iraqi dinars? Regardless, whoever pulled off this robbery got away extremely wealthy and scot-free.

The Central Bank of Iraq robbery

In 2003, the biggest bank robbery to date took place in Baghdad, Iraq by non-other than Suddam Hussein. One day before the Iraq war began, the streets were lined with chaos as citizens looted shops in Bagdad. This made for the perfect distraction because amidst all the chaos, a robbery of epic magnitude was about to be committed. Suddam Husein’s son Qusay, accompanied by three large trucks walked into the Central Bank of Iraq with a letter and walked out moments later with 1 billion (USD) which is equivalent to 16 billion South African Rands, today. The infamous president of Iraq, Suddam Hussein had stolen a R1 billion USD without any notice and just before US troops were set to touch down in Iraq. Suddam Hussein never admitted to the robbery. However, years after the robbery, large sums of the stolen money were found in one of his homes. To add to this crazy robbery, numerous American soldiers were found in possession of hundreds and thousands of dollars of the stolen cash.

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