Indulge in the finer foods in life with a payout of over R1,5 Billion

Indulge in the finer foods in life with a payout of over R1,5 Billion


When it comes to food, most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their choice of daily sustenance. For the average individual an ordinary day could consist of a bowl of oats for breakfast, a choice of takeaway for lunch or leftover mac and cheese and for dinner it might be the usual, homecooked meal or a quick dash to the local restaurant. There are some, however, who defy the ordinary, push the boundaries and well, break the bank to indulge in some of the finer foods in life. These individuals seek 5-star quality, high-class restaurants with world-class cuisine but this all comes at a steep price. Although, for some, quality cuisine and exquisite dining experiences are worth the price tag.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to dine like ‘the other half’ or the ‘five percent’ of the population who can afford such luxury, then this is your chance!

Here is an exclusive inside look into some of the finest and most expensive restaurants in the world:

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama - Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama has been around since 1984 and it is a true depiction of the Japanese culture. The restaurant is surrounded by impeccable scenery which gives visitors a once in a lifetime dining experience. The restaurant prides itself in providing the best of Japanese cuisine and offers a ten-course tasting menu which embodies all the indigenous Japanese ingredients and flavours. The restaurant has three Michelin stars, therefore, many flock into the capital city of Japan to experience the exquisite and authentic cuisine of Kyoto Kitcho. However, indulging in Japan’s finest cuisine does not come cheap - a meal at Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama costs just over R6 000 per person.

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Restaurant Le Meurice - Paris, France

At the core of elegance and true fine dining experience is Le Meurice. With its exceptional contemporary décor and amazing views, Le Meurice provides the ultimate dining experience. The restaurant is famous for its authentic flavourful cuisines, every meal is made from the finest ingredients to preserve the natural flavours of the produce. When it comes to hospitality, Le Meurice provides the highest, as every guest is treated with the utmost attention. So, for the meal price of almost R7 000 per person, this once in a lifetime and sophisticated dining experience will have you feeling like royalty.

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Masa- New York, USA

Masa, named after renowned Japanese chef and owner of Masa, Masayoshi Takayama, is a world-class sushi bar. Chef Mashayoshi’s cuisine is said to be unlike any other in the world - known for his delicate and simple refinement of all his dishes, Chef Masa produces the highest quality when it comes to sushi. The setting and decor of the restaurant is a representation of the cuisine; beautiful, simple and elegant. The entire dining experience of Masa is about transporting guests through an exquisite journey of all the senses. However, a taste of this unique and sensual dining experience will cost you R8 500 per person.

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UltraViolet - Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, China, something extraordinary exists, a one of a kind, dining experience known as UltraViolet. The restaurant was established in 2012 by French Chef, Paul Pairet. Pairet is known for his Avant-Gard inspired cuisines which are influenced by his encounters with various flavours, smells, texture and aromas from all around the world. UltraViolet seats a single table of ten and provides an unconventional twenty-course menu, accompanied by an aesthetically mesmerizing display of lights, sounds, scents, and music. The restaurant’s main goal is to engage the “psycho-taste” and to ultimately evoke emotion from the experimental tastes. This advanced cuisine and dining experience is truly unlike anything imaginable. Naturally, an experience as unique as this one does not come cheap. Anyone dreaming of experiencing this exceptional dining experience will have to be prepared to pay anything between R7 000 and R12 000 per person.

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SubliMotion - Ibiza, Spain

With the title of the most expensive restaurant in the world, SubliMoition defines fantasy and defies the ordinary. The restaurant was founded by Chef Paco Roncero and director Eduardo Gonzales and is situated on the beautiful and vibrant island of Ibiza, Spain. There aren’t many words to describe SubliMotion other than innovative.

SubliMotion is the first to provide a gastronomic experience, with ten Michelin star chefs at the forefront of creating culinary excellence. In addition to the world-class chefs, the creation of this remarkable gastronomic experience is put together by a DJ, illusionist, film director, fashion designer, engineers and many more. Moreover, the restaurant only seats twelve guests at a time making it difficult to get a booking as this unique dining room is usually fully reserved throughout the year. With an array of international chefs, the cuisine is inspired by flavours from all around the world. The menu consists of twenty meals which incorporate the vanguard style into cuisines of various cultures and traditions.

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A visit through the restaurant’s website will leave you in awe and amazement. So, one could only imagine what a first-hand dining experience at this purely innovative restaurant would be like. If you are a foodie or just an average Joe looking for an experience of a lifetime, then SubliMotion is one to add to your bucket list – you would probably need to start saving too as a night out at SubliMoition will cost you an astounding R24 000 per person. Certainly, living up to its title of the most expensive restaurant in the world!

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