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Iowa Powerball Winner!
Iowa Powerball Winner!
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Lerynne West, a full-time worker and single mom with three daughters, is the co-winner of the USA Powerball.

Lerynne's winning ticket, which she bought from Casey's General Store in Redfield USA, has made her a multi-millionaire overnight - to be precise, she is taking home a whopping $343.9 MILLION!

Video Source - CBS NEWS

Lerynne is one of seven siblings and is described by her brother as a "small-town girl". She has been renting a home most of her life and only recently purchased a home in Redfield.

The prize couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. "She's a great mom," said her 24-year-old daughter Skylar West. "You can't put into words all the good qualities she has and all the things she would do to help us out."

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In an interview after her win, a humble but happy Lerynne West described how she was going to spend her winnings - her daughters' college education, create a foundation and share winnings with friends and family. This shows Lerynne as a compassionate person and a good human being.

The Iowa State Treasury will also be winning by getting $9.9 MILLION in taxes off Lerynne's win. "That's always beneficial for the state when we have a winner in the state of Iowa," said Terry Rich, CEO of the Iowa Lottery.

Lucky Iowa Powerball winner, Lerynne West, says this will "forever change my life"!