Limpopo Father Of Seven Goes Back On His Promise To Share Lotto Winnings |
Limpopo father of seven goes back on his promise to share lotto winnings
Limpopo father of seven goes back on his promise to share lotto winnings
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R20 million Lotto winner - An instant multi millionaire!

This is what a Limpopo father of seven won and promised each child R1 million on social media. A former partner and mother of a teenage daughter, kniwn as MM, demanded her child's share and expressed that she was not being greedy or unreasonable. After hearing this, the father refused to part with his fortune, which resulted in the women being forced to approach The Limpopo High Court in Polokwane for assistance.

Judge EM Makgoba reviewed the information given to him and remarked that a promise was a promise, even if it was made via a WhatsApp message. He felt that MM was in fact being very reasonable with her request and the father was ordered to pay the amount he had promised.

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The background to this story goes back to the end of 2015 when he told MM that his health was taking strain, he was unable to continue working and therefore he would no longer be in a position to pay her maintenance. Instead he promised to pay the mother a once off amount of R100 000 for maintenance (according to the settlement agreement) as soon as he received his R600 000 pension, which she happily accepted. He kept to the agreement and paid her R100 000 in January 2016 but failed to mention anything about the R20.8 million lotto amount he had won 6 months prior. In addition, it turned out that he was not at all ill but resigned after winning the lotto.

When he won the R20 million he boasted on social media and pledged to give each of his seven children R1 million, amounting to R7 million in total. This would leave him with a balance of R13 Million, which meant his working days were finally over! The news of his win soon spread and MM, as she is identified on court papers, contacted him to enquire whether he had received the lotto payout, to which the father had replied that he had never won the lotto.

Later he had admitted, via WhatsApp, that he had lied about not winning the lotto and promised to give his daughter R1 million. When confronted by the mother of his child, who was keen to find out when he would be paying the amount he had promised, he told her it was all a joke!

He later confessed to the court that he had indeed promised MM R1 million and simply offered this amount to "get rid of her". He also felt that he did not owe her a cent more as he had already paid her R100 000 as a final maintenance settlement.

The judge critisised the man's behaviour stating he had something to hide and accusing him of lying to the court about not winning the lotto.

He was ordered, by the judge, to pay over the money as he had promised.