Lottery Winner Gillian Bayford Weds Tesco Fraud |
Lottery Winner Gillian Bayford weds Tesco Fraud
Lottery Winner Gillian Bayford weds Tesco Fraud
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EuroMillions winner Gillian Bayford weds Teco fraudster, Brian Deans!

Lotto winner Gillian Bayford-Deans, aged 45 from Scotland won an incredible £148 million with her then-husband Adrian (47) in 2012 while living in Haverhill, Suffolk. However, they split 15 months after winning their fortune and she moved to a mansion in her home city, Dundee, where she got involved with property and businesses including a hairdressing salon.

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Since her split from Adrian, Gillian has gone through tough times having dumped her lover, Gavin Innes aged 44, calling him a "gold-digger" and speaking "derogatory" things behind her back. She bought flash cars which included an Audi RS3 and Audi Q7 for Gavin and his family and gave them cash.

Gillian got engaged in 2014 to car dealer, Alan Warnock but soon split after she met Gavin.

Gillian finally finds love again!

Gillian found love again when she met Brian Deans, an old friend, whilst on an outing in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. There was instant chemistry and Gillian found Brian was a perfect fit for her family. Her two children who are hugely important to her, approved of their mother marrying Brian. Gillian says that Brian is absolutely wonderful with them and they like him.

However, Brian aged 37 from Dundee, was locked up six years ago for stealing more than £13 000 from Tesco by putting through fake customer refunds. After spending 6 months in jail, Brian reformed and started a new life.

The couple married 4 months after their chance encounter, amidst 70 relatives and close friends at a 5-star hotel at St Andrews, Fife. Gillian's ex-husband did not attend.

Gillian knew about Brians criminal past as soon as they started dating. It didn't bother her and she stated that "Everyone has a past but you can't live in the past. You've got to move on. It was 6 years ago and he's been punished for being silly. He can't be made to suffer for ever".

Gillian did not want to reveal whether they signed a prenuptial that would protect her cash.

Winning such an incredibly large amount of money brought immense joy. This is a story with a very happy ending indeed!

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Gillian and Andrian Bayford won UK's second-biggest lotto. The first biggest lotto winners in the UK are Colin and Chris Weir from Largs who won £161.7 million in July 2011. More recently in April 2018, an anonymous winner won £121.3 million. Other winnings were £113 million in 2010, and £107.9 million in March 2014.

After having split from Adrian and Gavin, Gillian said: "You have to meet a few weasels before you can meet someone nice". Gillian has acknowledged that one goes through a learning curve, having learned many lessons, she is now a wiser person.