LottoStar & 947 Are Back This Big September! |
LottoStar & 947 are back this Big September!
LottoStar & 947 are back this Big September!
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LottoStar is ecstatic to partner with 947 in another epic Big September Competition. Stand a chance of WINNING up to R800,000 daily in the "Beat the Bomb" competition, from the 10th - 28th September 2018.

It's that time again, and we can assure you that you're in for the time of your life! So, get ready to be thrilled and amazed in this years LottoStar Big September competition - it's bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Step 1: Click on the following link: 

Step 2: Answer an easy LottoStar question, populate your details and submit. You have now entered the competition, good luck!

Step 3: Listen to 947 between 6:00am and 7:00pm on weekdays and wait for that all-important call. If 947 calls you, you WIN a guaranteed R5000 instantly.

But wait there's more...! If you placed a bet on LottoStar in the month of September, you could win up to R200 000 in cash, by participating in the "Beat the Bomb" game. 

How does "Beat the Bomb" work:

So, you got the question right and you're the lucky individual chosen to participate in the Big September competition. For merely answering your phone, you're an instant winner taking home a guaranteed prize of R5000! But, who would say no to more? If you have placed a bet on LottoStar in the month of September, you immediately qualify to play "Beat the Bomb".

To stand a chance of winning up to R200 000 in cash, start off by carefully selecting lucky numbered lottery balls between the numbers 1-27, whilst avoiding the dreaded bombs. Each ball (excluding bomb balls) holds a cash value ranging from R2500 - R75 000. Should luck be on your side and you manage to dodge the 10 bombs, you will win the initial guaranteed amount of R5000 plus the accumulated cash amounts attached to the lottery balls chosen. Keep in mind, you have a choice of stopping and cashing out at any point during the game.

LottoStar is going one step further by matching the individual amounts won on the "Beat the Bomb" game. This matched amount will be donated to one of the charities selected by the 947 team. See below:

947 Breakfast Club: Thato Kgatlhanye's solar-powered backpacks, also known as Rethaka (Pty)

Thato Kgatlhanye's, a 22-year-old inventor and entrepreneur, developed solar-powered backpacks for underprivileged children who lack electricity at home, in rural areas in South Africa. Thato's invention is known worldwide and recognised by many including Bill Gates, principal founder of Microsoft.

Lucky from the 947 Greg & Lucky Drive Show: Door of Hope - Children's Mission

Door of Hope is a Non-Profit, Public and Faith-Based Organisation located in Johannesburg, which aids destitute children in disadvantaged communities. Door of Hope helps to build survival skills, self-respect, good morals and confidence for children to lead productive lives.

Greg from the 947 Greg & Lucky Drive Show: SAPESI

SAPESI which stands for South African Primary Education Support Initiative, is a non-profit organisation that strives to improve literacy and numeracy amongst poverty-stricken children in primary schools all over South Africa. They believe that reading is key to self-development. SAPESI imports second-hand mobile libraries, in the form of buses, from Japan.

Ayanda MVP from 947: South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind

The South African Guide-Dogs Association was founded in 1953 by a South African, Gladys Evans and her precious guide dog named Sheena. This Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation has a purpose and mission to enhance the mobility and independence of people who have visual, physical and developmental needs.

LottoStar's Big September is guaranteed to be spectacular. Be sure to take part and register today! LottoStar - how lucky can you get?