LottoStar And East Coast Radio’s The Big Favour Helps Miranda Realise Her Dream. |
LottoStar and East coast radio’s The Big Favour helps Miranda realise her dream.
LottoStar and East coast radio’s The Big Favour helps Miranda realise her dream.
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Posted By: Nicole

After a short break and a little revamp, East Coast radio’s The Big Favour segment is back. To kick off the first official Big Favour for 2020, East Coast radio enlisted the help of LottoStar to assist a student realise her dream.

Miranda Pretorius is a first-year student at New Bridge College, she received a 75 percent bursary in Physical IQ and Fitness in Sport Management, this is the highest bursary ever given to a student. Miranda is an excellent hockey player who matriculated with a BA Honours and her dream is to open her own sports centre, one day.

Due to financial constraints, Miranda’s family does not have the money to further her studies and unfortunately, she was not able to get another bursary. After exhausting every avenue, the family were finally able to get a loan to pay for her studies. However, her mother, Angelique, a single mother of three, cannot afford to pay the monthly instalments on the loan and fears that her daughter will not be able to finish her studies. Angelique works two jobs to make ends meet and Miranda coaches her under 16 school hockey team to help her mom financially and to pay for transport to and from college.

Furthermore, Angelique and Miranda share an old laptop as they cannot afford to buy a new one. Miranda desperately wants to finish her studies, however, Angelique needs to pay back the loan she took to cover Miranda’s studies, after the 75 percent bursary. The loan amounts to a total of R26,084.25

LottoStar has generously offered to assist by contributing the R26,084.25 needed to repay the loan. In addition, we will also be providing her with a new laptop to the value of R10,000. These amounts are contributed from the R259,750 total raised in the LottoStar and East Coast Radio's How Lucky Can You Get? Competition.

We hope that this favour will go a long way in helping Miranda realise her dreams. We wish her all the best with her studies and know that she is going to achieve great things one day.