LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Chante's Wish |
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Chante's Wish
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Chante's Wish
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LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign

LottoStar partnered with KFM to make a special Christmas Wish come true to people and families in need. During this initiative, KFM asked the public to submit a wish on behalf of others they felt were in need of help.

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Chanté's Wish

Chanté Arendse, a driven and motivated 18-year-old youngster, had only one wish - to study and become a medical doctor. This eager young lady matriculated in 2014 and managed to achieve an incredible five distinctions.

Chanté is a selfless teenager who never asked for anything and worked at a factory to earn extra funds to contribute financially towards her studies at Stellenbosch University.

Her supportive family dug deep into their years of savings to make their daughter's dreams come true. They managed to pay for her first year at University, which she passed, achieving three distinctions.

There were no more funds for Chanté to continue her studies and the family became desperate to find the means to help their daughter.

Chanté's Aunt, Chantel Richardson, sent KFM a Christmas Wish on behalf of her niece and unbeknown to her, this was going to be the day that would change Chantés life forever!

After hearing this touching story, LottoStar came to the rescue with financial relief by paying R55 000 towards Chantés second year at Stellenbosch University.

LottoStars contribution has made Chantés dream come true to reach her full potential.

Update on progress: 15 August 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from Chanté Arendse:

"In 2015, one simple phone call influenced my life in such a tremendous way. Without my knowledge, my aunt had entered me into Kfm's make a wish competition, and against all odds, my story was chosen. God is good!

The prize was that LottoStar would pay my tuition for the year 2016. Wow! I was overwhelmed. My parents had used their savings to cover the first year of my studies, which I was very grateful for. We soon realized that this was not a bottomless source and soon the savings were depleted. We had to quickly find a way to fund the remaining years of studies as every bursary application had been declined without reason. I had taken up a holiday job at the time, anything to just gather enough money even just to cover registration for the next year. My journey couldn't end here.

Receiving funding from LottoStar was such an amazing miracle, and has brought me one step closer to reaching my goal of becoming a doctor. I am now in my fourth year of medical school and still loving this journey.

I am eternally grateful to LottoStar and all who have made it possible. Without their funding, I don't know if I would have been able to make it this far in my degree program.

Thank you, thank you and once more thank you!"