LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Liam's Christmas Wish |
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Liam's Christmas wish
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Liam's Christmas wish
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LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign

LottoStar partnered with KFM to make a special Christmas Wish come true to people and families in need. During this initiative, KFM asked the public to submit a wish on behalf of others they felt were in need of help.

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Liam's Christmas Wish

Liam Markham, a delightful 8-year-old boy, was born with complications and suffers from severe cerebral palsy which is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture. His condition has left him completely disabled and immobile, making it impossible to feed himself and to communicate in any way.

His parents, Monique and Andrew, are completely dedicated to their son and help him tremendously by physically picking him up and moving him around. Monique is currently unemployed and Andrew works on a short-term contract. Neither of his parents are on medical aid and are under huge financial burden and strain. They are currently renting a granny flat which is not at all suitable for Liam's condition, making the situation a lot harder. 

Liam is in constant agony and will require a hip operation followed by physiotherapy. The State will be paying for the hip operation but not the physiotherapy.

KFM contacted LottoStar and informed them about Liam's condition and need for assistance. LottoStar eagerly offered to contribute R45 000 towards Liam's physiotherapy costs other essential items such as a bath lift, bed rails, and a hoisting device.

Liam is a little fighter who has been described as a "beautiful young boy" and will always be loved and adored!

LottoStar has again assisted in transforming peoples lives.

Update on progress: 15 August 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from Monique Markham:

"Its been quite a journey since this all began. Liam has had three surgeries since and it has slowed down his limited mobility even more. He has had to undergo a second surgery on his hip as the metal plate inserted started to irritate the surface of the skin, causing a lot of discomfort and pain. The other two surgeries were phase one in the corrective foot surgery which had its own set of complications too.

All three of these surgeries have been immensely painful for him and each time recovery takes longer and he is unable to resume normal therapy sessions at school making it difficult not only for me to remain in a full time job as I have had to stay home helping him recovery through each surgery but each time his therapists at school have had to start the process again due to the time spent away from school and out of the therapy process.

All round it has been tough for us as a family and especially for Liam. Phase two will happen next year on the second foot which is the more severe of the two, requiring maybe more than 2 surgeries, we are discussing with his doctors the real necessity of the next phase as putting him through so much pain has nearly torn me apart as a Mom the first few times and I’m not sure if It is entirely necessary for him to go through all of it again.

The relief in all of this is the equipment provided by LottoStar, as it has helped not only us as parents/ caregivers to better care for him but it has made his life a little easier and has given him better quality of life too and we are most grateful for that.

Liam continues to soldier on through it all with his enigmatic smile that melts any heart and we continue to love him as much as we can for as long as he is with us!"