LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Lisa's Story |
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Lisa's Story
LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign - Lisa's Story
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LottoStar / KFM Christmas Wish Campaign

LottoStar partnered with KFM to make a special Christmas Wish come true to people and families in need. During this initiative, KFM asked the public to submit a wish on behalf of others they felt were in need of help.

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Lisa's Story

Lisa Sibanda yearned to study at Hydro International College to pursue her interest in becoming a beauty therapist and nail technician.

The Hydro International College is situated in Edenvale and provides a number of courses for individuals who have a passion for the beauty industry.

Lisa has already completed a Beauty Specialist course at ITEC and received an internationally recognised certificated. Through her dedication and love for the industry, she passed with an average of above 70%. 

Sadly, Lisa was unable to continue studying to fulfill the rest of her dream, as she was unable to afford the tuition fees.

LottoStar heard Lisa's passionate plea for help and contributed R51 990 towards her studies at Hydro International College, wishing her all the best!

Update on Progress: 21 August 2018

LottoStar received the following update from Lisa (Grace) Sibanda:

"...I am doing well, I am a great therapist and nail technician, Am working at Sorbet. The money paid for my education from LottoStar helped me a lot, I am doing well. I am an excellent fit in the beauty industry all thanks to LottoStar and Tasoulla, I am forever grateful. Kind regards Lisa."