LottoStar's R100 000 Winner! |
LottoStar's R100 000 Winner!
LottoStar's R100 000 Winner!
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Lucky LottoStar player matches FIVE numbers in Saturday's UK Lottery Plus draw!

The R100 000 UK Lottery Plus winner is a 42-year-old resident of Cape Town. What a fantastic way to start off the last month of the year!

Mr. I.B opened his LottoStar account in January 2018 and revealed that he does not play often. However, he was attracted to the Cyber Monday promotion on 26 November and used the opportunity to place his bets on the UK Lottery Plus event - the first time he has played this lottery. Mr. I.B normally plays different games such as the Africa Millions, Spanish Daily and Kino.

The winner, who sounded delighted, was most surprised on Sunday morning when he checked his email and couldn't believe that he won R100 000! He shared the good news with his children who also stay in Cape Town.

The excited winner told LottoStar how he was going to spend his winnings: "Winning this money provides relief and has eased the pressure over the holiday period. I can now buy my children Christmas presents, pay their school fees, pay my home loan and car. I can even buy a present for one of my kids whose birthday is in January".

Asked if he used any special method to choose his lucky numbers, the winner laughingly said: "I used the Quick Pick feature". The results for the UK Lottery Plus draw are 5, 8, 9, 12, 31, 49 and bonus ball 57.

LottoStar can confirm that the winner purchased 12 entries for the UK Lottery Plus draw which cost R192 - what a wonderful return!

LottoStar congratulates the winner and extends their best festive wishes.