Lucky LottoStar Player Wins R100 000! |
Lucky LottoStar Player Wins R100 000!
Lucky LottoStar Player Wins R100 000!
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UK Lottery Plus - The winning numbers drawn on Saturday Night, 10 November, were: 7 - 12 - 17 - 38 - 42 - 44 and Bonus Ball 53

Imagine the joy and happiness of a 79-year-old Gauteng resident when he discovered he won R100 000 in the UK Lottery Plus draw which took place on Saturday, 10 November. Mr. H.N successfully matched the numbers 7 - 12 - 17 - 42 and 44. The lucky winner was one number away from winning an incredible R750 000!

The UK Lottery game is United Kingdom's national lottery and was founded in 1994. This state-franchised lottery remains one of UK's most popular and loved lotteries. 

LottoStar contacted Mr. H.N to congratulate him on his fantastic win! He was absolutely elated and extremely grateful, he mentioned he has been playing on LottoStar since 2015 and is extremely excited to have won such an incredible amount. He expresses how thrilled he is with LottoStar's service and how delightful and easy the process has been.

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LottoStar received an email from Mr. H.N on the 13 November 2018:

He had these lovely words to say, "Thanks Dina for your exceptional friendly help. I was so pleased when I won R100000,00 Lotto. I will use this to pay of some debt, keep money for my budget over the next two months and take my wife on a weekend out. Thanks Hennie."