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Matika's Christmas Wish
Matika's Christmas Wish
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Matika's Christmas Wish!

Matika Ramalatsoa was a brave 4-year-old girl who underwent treatment for phase 5 Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and was admitted to hospital for weekly chemotherapy, lumber punctures, antibiotics and various injections. Her Occupational Therapist at the Johannesburg General Hospital, Nicky Forssman, wrote a letter to the 947 Breakfast Xpress team explaining her situation.

Matika lived with her mother (Esther), father (Enoch), two siblings Basetsane (2 years old) and Hleki (10 years old) and her niece, Kgomotso (3 years old) and nephew Kabelo (6 years old) in a 2-bedroom RDP house in Cosmo City. Esther took care of Matika on a daily basis and was unable to work due to the time spent in hospital and looking after the family. Enoch, a general working, wasn't always available to help out as he worked part-time for a firm. Matika's costly treatment had placed major financial strain on her parents who were barely coping before her diagnoses.

Matika was taken to Johannesburg General Hospital as she was suffering with headaches, sore joints, a distended stomach and severe nausea. The pain soon spread to her legs and she couldn't control her bowl movements any longer. The doctors then realised that something was not quite right. After numerous scans and blood tests, Matika was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, which is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells. They also realized that she had Arachnoiditis, which is a disorder that causes severe pain due to the swelling of the brain and sometimes the spinal cord. 

Despite her pain and suffering, Matika never stopped smiling, laughing and singing. Nicky described her as bright, beautiful and a ray of sunshine, radiating joy with a happy heart and smile.

Her touching story moved the hearts of the 947 team who got together to spread love and help to Matika and her family. After hearing this moving story, LottoStar donated R36 000 towards school fees for Matika's siblings, R3000 a month for groceries for the whole year (amounting to R36 000), R10 000 for transport costs, and R10 000 for Matika's daily needs which included: food, nappies and clothing. 

Sadly Matika, as brave and a little fighter as she was, succumbed to her illness and has since passed away on the 11th December 2016. We have some comfort in knowing that at least in the last period of her life, LottoStar's donation was able to cater for her daily needs and requirements.

It touches our hearts to know that Matika and her family can rest assured knowing that we have them covered and offered a helping hand when it was needed most.

Update on progress: 13 August 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from Nicky Forssman:

"Esther (Matika 's mom) very sadly passed away just 4 months after Matika' s passing in a taxi accident :( devastating time for this amazing family."

LottoStar recently received the shattering news about Esther. Our love and thoughts go out to the family. May you rest in peace beautiful Matika and Esther.