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Contributions to Charity in the LottoStar & KFM Big September.

MOT South Africa (Show Courage) - selected by The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie on Kfm.

MOT South Africa is a leading Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation specialising in young life skills development. It is accredited with the Services Seta group as a Training Provider and has successfully trained 578 presenters in the Western Cape since it's opening. MOT is derived from the Norwegian word 'mot' which means, the ability to show courage and stand against violence and drug use. 

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MOT was founded in 2016 in partnership with the College of Cape Town and the Haugaland Videregaende Skole in Norway, which has been in existence for 20 years. This organisation was started by two Norwegian speed skaters at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games.

MOT works with youth between the ages of 12-25 years old and teaches them life choices as well as ways to reach their full potential. The focus on young people and the challenges they face are the main reasons why MOT South Africa exists. The training programs offered by MOT, focus on essential life and social skills such as: Self-confidence, sound values, positive attitude and behavior, self-leadership, respect and the ability to communicate, plus much more.

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This youth development organisation, recently won the Mail & Guardian 'Investing In The Future and Drivers of Change' award. Some interesting facts about MOT South Africa: There are 11 MOT schools, 37 MOT TEVT Colleges, 610 trained MOT coaches, 4 MOT organisations and 10374 impacted youth in 2017.

Generous donations from the public go towards office equipment and the development of expertise and skills.

Programs such as MOT are essential in society as they help to develop youth to become leaders and positive role models in their communities. This organisation is doing incredible work in society by changing lives for the better!

It's time to give back this Big September, so make sure you join LottoStar and KFM on this memorable journey of giving!

LottoStar | Kfm Big September update: 28 September 2018

The final amount contributed to MOT South Africa is: R45,000