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R750 000 UK Lottery Plus winner on cloud nine with his winnings
R750 000 UK Lottery Plus winner on cloud nine with his winnings
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Did you have a feeling that you would win when you placed your bet that day?

This is the second time I’ve come close to winning a big payout, so, yes, I had a feeling that one day I would win it. However, if you count how much you spend and how much your return is, it’s still a close call.

Tell us about when you came close to winning the last time, what game was it on?

It was not on LottoStar, it was directly on the American lottery and the payout was $243 million, I had also got five plus one in row two. Unfortunately, in those days the row two in the American Lottery was only paying $10 000. It was very close. So, that’s why I felt confident that I would win a big one, one day.

What was your first reaction when you realized you won R750 000?

It was fantastic because I need to wear glasses to see. So, I saw the amount on my phone, and thought, is it R7000 or what have I won? So, I quickly went to my car to put my glasses on and I said ‘Oh my God’! It’s R750 000! So, straight away, I took one of the cigars from my collection, I lit the cigar and had a nice drink.

Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with and what was their reaction?

My girlfriend! I share all my winnings with her so, I said there you go, this is some money coming your way. I also have this habit to help a lot of people who are really in need not people who come to me with their own problems, but I help people who really deserve it.

What will you be doing with your winnings?

As I mentioned, I’m going to help a few people and the remainder will be for my daughter and my grandkids. They are coming to visit me from Europe in December. So, I will have a very special surprise for them. I’m going to take them away for a week somewhere, I haven’t really decided where but I’m going to take them on a fully paid holiday to a very nice lodge.

Have you told your family about your win?

No, it must be a surprise. If I told them now that I’ve won, they would suspect that I’m going to buy something for them. I’ll just play innocent, when they ask me how things are going, I’ll just say fine, lots of work and good business.

When placing your bet, did you decide to pick your own numbers, or did you use the quick pick option?

I usually do a bit of both, this time I chose my own numbers. It was not my usual numbers as I used to bet the same numbers all the time, but I picked different numbers that made sense, not necessarily 1,2,3,4 or whatever.

What do you think of LottoStar and your experience?

I have played on LottoStar for quite some time. I have mainly had a good experience betting on LottoStar. Your system works.

Will you continue to place bets on the UK Lottery Plus and other lotteries?


Do you have any advice for others hoping to win millions?

There are no rules on this. It’s pure luck and nothing else.

The overall winning numbers from the UK Lottery Plus were 1, 7, 26, 34, 52, 53, and 10 as the bonus ball.

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