Funemployed And R130 000 Richer! |
Funemployed and R130 000 richer!
Funemployed and R130 000 richer!
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Imagine the excitement when Ms. P.K, a 24-year-old resident from Johannesburg, checked her emails and realized she had won R100 000 on the Kino 15 game and another R30 000 on Kino 10 the very next day! 

The thrilled player told LottoStar that she was ecstatic with her two wins, particularly as she is currently unemployed.

Ms. P.K, who registered her LottoStar account in March this year, expressed her extreme gratitude to LottoStar and said: "I am very happy with my win, although I don't know as yet what I will be doing with the money." However, her boyfriend who was the first person to be told the good news, replied: "I am so happy, but use the money wisely".

She poured out her thoughts and told LottoStar that the win came at the right time and "means a lot to her and her boyfriend" and described it as "an early Christmas bonus". She added that "These two big wins truly mean a lot to me. Especially after being retrenched at work I can now at least renovate a few things in my apartment and pay for my tuition fees for next year. I'm happy and most of all I am stress-free."

She had only the best to say about LottoStar, "A very interesting site and a place to make some extra money." The delighted winner matched 12 numbers out of a possible 15 numbers for the first win, and 9 numbers out of a possible 10 numbers for the second win and said that she loves betting on LottoStar's Kino games.

A memorable moment was created for Ms. P.K with a R10 and R30 bet!

LottoStar extends their good wishes to the lucky winner - congratulations Ms. P.K!