Strange Christmas traditions from around the world!

Strange Christmas traditions from around the world!

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Posted By: Lebo

It’s Christmas time, but not everyone is putting up and decorating their Christmas trees, opening up prezzies in the morning, or placing a plate of cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace.

Here are some weird and wacky Christmas traditions from around the world:


You will not find any turkeys roasting in the oven in Japan. Their traditional Christmas dinner is KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Smart marketing campaigns and tiny Japanese ovens have convinced locals that fried chicken is a traditional American Yuletide feast. Reservations have to be made to eat at KFC on Christmas Day. An online service had to be created because of the high demand.


In Norway, it's believed that Christmas Eve coincides with the arrival of evil spirits and witches. So, it’s only logical that Norwegian homeowners hide all their brooms before they go to sleep. Surely no one wants their Christmas spoilt by finding their broom broken into pieces in their garden.


The week leading up to Christmas, Venezuelans attend a daily church service called Misa de Aguinaldo, which translates to Early Morning Mass. It is customary to travel to the church service on roller skates. Due to the popular practice, many roads in the capital city, Caracas, are closed until 8am for service attendees to travel safely.


Spare a thought for the poor tykes next time you find yourself complaining about the same food being prepared for Christmas lunch. Every year on Christmas, they have to tuck into mattak – raw whale skin with a little blubber and kiviak, which is made by wrapping an auk (a small arctic bird) in seal skin then burying it for several months and eating it as decomposed flesh.


Every year on the 5th of December in the evening, children in Germany leave a shoe or boot outside of their bedroom door. The next morning if they have been good, they will wake up to find their shoe filled with sweets. If they have been naughty, they will find a branch. It’s the best option to leave the newest pair of shoes.

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