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Talented rugby players wish fulfilled
Talented rugby players wish fulfilled

Changing lives and making dreams come true!

LottoStar has done it again! They have sponsored a talented rugby player who had a dream to go to Texas and play rugby with his team. As part of youth month, Kgosana, meaning 'little king', is a talented 16-year-old youth whose dream become a reality, thanks to the generosity of LottoStar.

Following an emotional plea for sponsorship on the 947 Breakfast show by Kgosana's mom Manana, Kgosana will now get the chance to follow his passion and play rugby with his team in Texas, United States. Manana, from Sebokeng was determined that her talented son should not miss yet another trip as he did last year when he was unable to go to the UK due to lack of funds. Manana described her son as very talented and super good at rugby.

LottoStar, who offered to pay the full cost of Kgosana's trip which amounts to R35,200.00, advised a delighted and grateful Kgosana to be great, work hard and become a leader - qualities the country needs and of course his mom being his greatest supporter!

Congratulatory wishes and messages of support were also extended to Kgosana by two Springbok rugby players who wished him well.

LottoStar has recently donated a total of R800 000 to worthy causes. As part of their strong social ethics and values, they firmly believe in giving back to society and making a big difference in people's lives.

Update on Progress: 12 July 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from Kgosana Matima also known as Kay-Gee:

"Good day Madam, I would firstly like to express my thanks towards giving me the oppertunity of a lifetime. What Lottostar did for me is really and truly out of this world and for that I am most appreciative.

My tour was AMAZING it was the best experience I've ever had in my whole life so far. It taught me a great deal of obstacles and challenges for which I now know how to handle. On that tour I saw a lot and spoke to a lot of people which gave me a direction which I choose to follow, I received feedback from universities and academies that would dearly love to have me which are based in the States.

I'm back at home and all I can think about is the thought of being successful, intelligent and wiser as a high school student. I have a lot of history which I one day wish to share with the world, which will hopefully motivate the youth of South Africa to aim higher than they can imagine.

All is well and that's thanks to 94.7 and Lottostar. I worship a great God which has given me a chance to interact with people that share my dreams and ambitions, and for that I thank him.

For the last time thank you, thank you, thank you for a once I a lifetime oppertunity. I believe it won't be the last time.

Your truly Kgosana Matima

Aka Kay-Gee"