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LottoStar, helping to give back the Gift of Life!

The Caylum Willemse Foundation (CWF) was established in July 2016 to raise awareness and funds for Caylum Willemse, a 2-year-old boy living in Johannesburg, who suffers from a rare birth defect known as Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (TOF) and Oesophageal Atresia (OA). These two rare defects, diagnosed by Dr. Charles Caraphinha from Netcare, are the primary causes of Caylum's oesophagus and trachea problems. He has a 70% collapse in his left main bronchus that leads to his lung and has been resuscitated more than ten times in his short life. 

He was later diagnosed with Tracheobronchomalacia, another rare condition which leads to tracheal collapse. This little fighter has spent most of his young life in Intensive Care and had his first surgery at only 2 days old. Thanks to donations from LottoStar, Caylum was now able to go to Boston Children's Hospital and get assessed by Dr. Rusty Jennings, who would conclude whether he would be a possible candidate for a revolutionary new procedure that could save his life.

Prayers were answered and we were delighted to hear that Caylum's operation was a success. He is now happy and enjoying life with his relieved parents!

The CWF has continued using this platform to help other TOF / OA babies and families to lead a normal life they deserve.

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Having a great corporate conscience and finding it in your heart to help is exactly what LottoStar is about. All the best Caylum!

Update on progress: 12 January 2018

"Happy 2nd Birthday My Little Man, How big you have gotten in the last year...We are so grateful that God Blessing us with such a strong Little Boy that never allowed any of his struggles to get him down. I sometimes look at you My Boy and can't believe it is the same child. We Love you so so much..this year you have done so so good, you started walking, you started talking, saying sentences, you started swimming, you started counting, recognizing colours, you started running playing hide and seek, you started singing and most importantly you have started eating bread and other textures which is a massive achievement and you are breathing normally and not choking anymore, we are so so blessed My Baby. We are so proud of you My Angel and We can't wait to spend another 50 Birthdays with you."

Update on progress: 19 July 2018

"Hi everyone. He has been sick on and off this winter, but thanks to all of his followers we have not once had to go to Hospital with him. And In the meantime we got him a beautiful little puppy (Sky) to bond with him and keep him entertained at home."

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Update on progress: 24 August 2018

LottoStar received the following email update from The Willemse family:

This is what the Willemse family had to say: "Caylum has been doing well and we haven't had any life threatening episodes since his return from Boston where he had his life changing operation done by Dr Jennings. He has been doing good with all his millstones and we just facing normal everyday issues that any normal child has at this stage like teething and whether change flu.

He has been going for swimming in alberton in the past summer and he can't wait to go back, but there hasn't been even thoughts of putting him in a day care as we have been to traumatised and we don't want to risk anything so bewteen me and my wife we have been looking after him and I think he loves it more to be with us and enjoy all the love and attention from us. We got him a puppy (Skyker) to keep him entertained and they just love each other. Have a fabulous day and send our love to all of the lotto star team."