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This September LottoStar and 947 are giving one lucky winner the chance to walk away with R1 million - head over here to enter and take your shot at becoming SA's newest millionaire! LottoStar and 947 are also giving R1 million to a South African charity, and they've chosen The Grace Factory. Read more about this amazing organisation here:

The Grace Factory is a non-profit organisation that aims to support children's homes by delivering basic necessities such as clothes, blankets, nappies, baby formula, and other toiletries. It was founded in 2013 by Amy Westerman, who currently works full time in a corporate firm as a Chartered Accountant, and she is also in charge of the admin and the social media "expert" for The Grace Factory. Alison Wright, described as the 'heart and soul' of The Grace Factory, works at the organisation full time and spends her days collecting clothes, dropping off donations, and (among many other things) follows up on donations.

As well as providing items for children, The Grace Factory also aims to provide maternity packs to new mothers in government hospitals and clinics, and their long-term goal, in their own words is to ensure that every mom who delivers a baby in a South African government hospital receives a maternity pack and that the basic needs of children's homes are met.

Here's how you can help. The Grace Factory accepts the following donations:

  • New or used baby clothes (only gently soiled accepted)
  • New or used baby blankets
  • New or used baby bottles
  • Dummies
  • New or used baby toys
  • Nappies (size 1 – size 5)
  • Formula (NAN, Pelargon, Infacare)
  • Bum cream
  • Vaseline
  • Baby soap
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby food (purity 1,2,3 and baby cereal)
  • Baby medication (panado, nystacid, teething gel etc.)
  • Cash donations are accepted as well

Update on progress: The Grace Factory

"Thanks to Lottostar and 947 we can change the lives of so many vulnerable moms and babies," says Amy. "The community of JHB (and now PE, Cape Town, and even Welkom) has been so very receptive towards what we are trying to achieve. We have had so many volunteers offer of their time and baby donations and we would like to thank each and every one of them. Together we CAN (and will) make a difference in South Africa."

The Grace Factory continue receiving generous donations and support from various organisations and helpful individuals. On the 18 July 2018, The Grace Factory celebrated 5 years of helping moms and babies in need and have delivered a total of 9248 maternity packs to date!

The organisations and children's homes, listed below, are merely a handful of institutions The Grace Factory have supported thus far:

Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Life Choices Pregnancy Crisis Centre, Alex Clinic Maternity Ward, New Jerusalem children's home, Bienvenu Shelter, Tshwane Place of Safety, Alex Aids Orphans Project, Young Angels, Hugh's Haven, Angels Baby Sanctuary, Thusanani, The Village Safe Haven, Rays of Hope, Cotlands Turfontein and many more!

This non-profit organisation has become a saving grace to a number of new moms around South Africa. Great job!

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