The Hunt Is On For The Recent Lucky Lotto Millionaire! |
The hunt is on for the recent lucky lotto millionaire!
The hunt is on for the recent lucky lotto millionaire!
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National Lottery winnings exceed €50 million this year, following the latest Lotto windfall.

The hunt is on for the latest lucky Lotto millionaire after the jackpot winning quick-pick ticket, of a whopping €5.7 million, was sold at the Spar Express at a Texaco service station on Rathfarnham Road in Dublin Ireland.

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Fiona O'Connor, the store owner, mentioned that there was a hype when they found out that they had sold the winning ticket for Wednesday night's draw. She said this was the first big win they have had, although she recalls a €25,000 scratch card win just a few weeks ago. Store manager Ivona Pietruszka was most excited, hoping the winner is a regular customer and not a passer-by.

Sandra Neville, a worker near the store, forgot to play the Lotto as it slipped her mind. She had this to say, "I'm devastated I didn't go in and do the Lotto".

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