Posted By: Nicole

Ever wondered what it takes to become a rocket scientist or even just to work on the frontlines of a major aerospace manufacturer. With the success of the SpaceX launch of two NASA astronauts into orbit many people may be curious to know what skills and expertise are required to be part of such a momentous project.

Weeks after the success of the Crew Dragon capsule, six of the SpaceX software team members who helped develop the software that flew ‘Dragon’ are providing some of the answers you need to know if you want make it in the billion dollar aerospace industry. Some of the crew members responsible for the software development and cybersecurity in the launch of the Dragon capsule held a Reddit Q&A session where they answered various question on the Dragon Software and working at SpaceX.

The team provided some tips on what expertise you will need to land a position as a SpaceX software developer:

A degree in Computer Science or something similar.

Many people were curious as to what they will need to do or study to launch their career in aerospace software development or get a job at SpaceX. In the Q&A session, the team advised that getting your degree in Computer Science was integral as “engineers who do well at SpaceX are meticulous in their understanding of how their code works”.

Get real world experience.

One of the SpaceX crew members suggested that it would be beneficial to get real world experience in building and coding things though internships or hobby projects. For instance, coding in a video game could provide insight and inspiration in developing various SpaceX software.

These aspects may be very important, however, the team noted that lacking in either of these aspects should not discourage you. Many of the SpaceX team members do not come from an aerospace background and have experience and expertise in many other fields. All of which have been proven to help provide different perspectives and problem-solving methods in the team. Matt Monson, who used to work at Dragon and now leads Starlink software said “We’re really looking for a couple things: talent (potential) and the right attitude (desire for self-improvement, serving the team over being selfish)”.

You could start planning your future in the aerospace industry or you could buy your own billion-dollar aerospace company today.

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