Travel In Style This Festive Season |
Travel in Style this Festive Season
Travel in Style this Festive Season

Posted By: Nicole

If you’re looking for a first-class ticket to paradise this festive season, look no further... The world’s finest and most luxurious airlines will have you flying in style and feeling like a million bucks. However, you might need a million bucks to jet set in one of these extravagant aircraft. The world’s most luxurious airlines are far from affordable but as the saying goes ‘you can’t put a price on happiness’. So, if you are all about living the ‘high life’ and settling for nothing less than the best - these airlines are guaranteed to meet your standards.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore’s first-class air cabin will have you sitting pretty for the entire duration of your flight. First-class passengers are treated to 5-star meals which can be enjoyed with extra mood lighting to set the tone, extra-wide seat, free Wi-Fi, the best entertainment for your viewing pleasure on a 24 inch TV and something you definitely can’t put a price on – complete privacy. First-class ticket price: (JHB to Singapore) R25,000 per adult.

Air France

Air Frances’ La Première first-class cabin is nothing short of magnificent or like they say in France “Magnifique”. This exclusive cabin affords you a first-class menu prepared by French Michelin star chefs or a gourmet menu to create your own gourmet meal. However, the 5-star treatment doesn’t end there. First-class passengers can also expect a spacious and comfortable bed, so, you don’t have to miss out on your beauty sleep, Carita beauty products, high-quality cotton bathrobe, slippers and socks for that snug, warm feeling, not to mention a range of TV entertainment and free Wi-Fi. So, sit back and relax because this flight will have you feeling right at home. First-class ticket price: (JHB to Paris, France) R59, 903 per adult.


Zee Germans certainly do not compromise on luxury when it comes to flying first-class. Lufthansa is one of the largest European airlines and their first-class experience is a testament of that very name - larger than life luxury. Lufthansa caters to every need onboard - passengers can opt for a country-specific menu which includes various regional cuisine. In addition, first-class passengers can indulge in the complimentary lounge and shower before boarding their flight. This exclusive lounge includes a large variety of food, snacks, drinks and a nap room to catch up on some sleep before boarding. Not to mention, first-class passengers are escorted to the plane in a Porsche, where a spacious cabin equipped with free Wi-Fi and a variety of TV entertainment awaits them. First-class ticket price: (JHB to Munich) R66,100 – R75,700 per adult.


If you’re the ‘I don’t see the point in flying first class’ type of person, Emirates’ luxurious first-class cabin will change your mind. Known as one of the best airlines around the world, Emirates provides the very best when it comes to flying first-class. Passengers can expect a personal escort in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan to the plane, once they hop aboard, awaits them is a fully enclosed, spacious private suite equipped with two T.V’s one of which is a 32-inch screen with an entertainment system, virtual windows as well as a fully stocked minibar. For those who are still not convinced, Emirates’ first-class passengers, can order meals from an exquisite menu, at any given time via video chat with the aircrew. First-class ticket price: (JHB to Dubai) R81,000 per adult.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is rated as the best airline in the world and if you are looking for anything to base this on, look no further than Etihad Airways’ first-class apartment cabin. It exceeds expectations and exudes extravagance at the highest levels. Flying across the world has never been as convenient as flying first-class with Etihad. Inflight chefs prepare meals any way you prefer with a variety of dishes to pick from. If that doesn’t get you excited, then Etihad’s 45 square feet apartment cabin – a home away from a home with complete privacy, certainly will. In addition, the cabin is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a shower, shower gels, and shampoo to make you feel right at home. There are no uncomfortable sleepless nights as the cabin consists of a 7-foot long bed, wide armchair and a vanity unit with make-up and a mirror. To sweeten the deal, the cabin includes a TV with an entertainment system, complimentary lounge ware and bathrobe and best of all, your own personal butler. Absolute bliss! Who said money can’t buy happiness? First-class ticket price: (JHB to Abu Dhabi) R95,000 per adult.

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