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Femicide means “the intentional killing of females” by males and it is now an epidemic in South Africa, where every 3 hours a woman or female child is being raped and murdered.

According to statistics the rape, assault and murder of women in South Africa has increased by 11% from 2016/17. At least 36,731 cases of sexual offences, including rape, assault and murder of women were reported in the 2017/18 IPID report. Less than a month after celebrating International Women’s Day the number of gender-based violence incidents have increased exponentially.

The death of 19-year-old, University of Cape Town student, Uyinene Mrwetyana, left South Africa distraught. Uyinene was raped and murdered by a 42-year-old employee at the Clareinch Post Office where she went to collect a parcel.

This is one of many cases that has sparked outrage across the country and paints a very bleak outlook for the future of South Africa. As a nation, South Africans are saying “enough is enough”!

Calls are being made for these heinous crimes against women to be prosecuted with the death penalty. If women are not safe in their homes, at churches, or performing everyday tasks, where can they feel safe?

LottoStar is embarking on an initiative to take a stand against gender-based violence and to appeal to men to start taking accountability for their actions and to stop the violence and killing of women and children. As part of our initiative, we urge South Africans to hold those who commit crimes against women accountable. Gender-based violence has no place in our society, speak up and stand tall strong, beautiful South African citizens. #WEARENOTNEXT.

The money raised in our BIG September – Bet for a Million competition with Kfm and 947, will be used in our #WEARENOTNEXT initiative. This money will be donated to charities which help shelter, council and legally represent victims of gender-based violence.

LottoStar hopes for a brighter South Africa for all, where women and children can feel safe and free from a life of fear.

Women of South Africa Unite #WEARENOTNEXT.

Update: 04 October 2019

Meet the charities that were chosen to receive final contributions from LottoStar, 947 and Kfm’s Big September – Bet for a Million competition as part of the #WeAreNotNext initiative.


TEARS Foundation: final contribution is R400 000

Lawyers Against Abuse: final contribution is R400 000

Cape Town:

1000 Women 1 Voice: final contribution is R625 000

Saartjie Baartman Center for Women and Children: final contribution is R625 000

Update: 21 October 2019