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What can R2 Billion buy you?
What can R2 Billion buy you?

It’s a crazy week with LottoStar’s Africa Millions lottery reaching a soaring R2 Billion top tier payout. Let’s look at some of the most expensive things one can buy with their R2 Billion windfall.

1. A Private Jet

The cheapest but brand-new light private jet that seats seven, costs just over R63 Million in South Africa, while a 17-seater heavy jet costs over R856 Million. Now you can fly in class without waiting hours for your flight to take off. Now that’s “living the African dream”.

2. A Family Vacation to Space for 10 days

How does a two-day travel to space with the family sound? Well, over R706 Million could secure you and your family a 10-day vacation at the International Space Station. Who said money can’t buy you happiness?

3. Graff Diamond’s Hallucination Watch

Live “the diamonds are forever” life with the world’s most expensive watch. The Graff Diamond’s Hallucination watch comes at a ridiculous R776 Million price tag. It’s costly because it has 110 carats of rare coloured diamonds and it took craftsmen over thousands of hours to make. How crazy is that?

4. The Kensington Palace Gardens in London

Over R1,2 Billion will guarantee you this expensive Kensington Palace Garden in London. This recently renovated palace boasts a space of 5,11 square meters, 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath, a swimming pool, a picture gallery and a ballroom. What a dream!

5. The Most Expensive Car in the World

Drive not only in style but luxury too, with Rolls Royce’s Sweptail at a R183,4 Million price tag. This jaw-dropping car is off the market and was made exclusively for a super-yacht and aircraft specialist whose identity cannot be revealed by the company. It has a full panoramic sunroof like a racing yacht, royal carriage-like coach and only seats two people. Luxurious!

6. The Most Expensive Pair of Shoes

Christian Louboutin once said, “The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don't have.” A pair of Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers’ stilettos would cost you R332 Million. The shoes are adorned with 236 diamonds and a 15-carat D-flawless diamond near the toes for that ‘feminine weapon’ effect. Talk about big shoes to fill right? Don’t let this life pass you by. It’s time to live the dream. Visit LottoStar now and place your bets on our Africa Millions for your chance to win this astronomical payout of over R2 Billion.