Classic Speed Blackjack 3Classic Speed Blackjack 3

One of the world’s most famous and exciting games just got better with our Classic Speed Blackjack 3 game! Make sure you’ve got the quickest and the winning hand because you are in for a treat! Players must compete against the dealer only and not against other players. All players decide on their bet at the same time, the player who makes the fastest decision receives the next card first. To win, players must achieve a higher card count than the dealer without going over 21, this best hand is Blackjack. Betting starts from R50 with payouts of up to R469,000.

For all game information please visit the game itself and click on the “?” image on the top right of your screen on desktop or click on the hamburger menu on the bottom right of your screen, followed by the “Help” option on mobile.

Maximum table limit: R25,000.

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