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Totem Drop Extreme

Totem Drop Extreme

Totem Drop ExtremeTotem Drop Extreme

Welcome to Totem Drop Extreme

Let the sacred masks guide you to your world of fortune and riches!
Select a bet and press the Play button to start the game.
Win 50 Bonus Bets with 5 Scatter Masks! You need a minimum of 3 masks to win Bonus Bets, with each additional Scatter Mask rewarding more Bonus Bets.

All winnings during Bonus Bets are TRIPLED. See the full wintable below.




Full screen*: toggle displaying the game in full screen mode.
Sound*: toggle playing all game sounds.
Music*: toggle playing background music.

Keyboard shortcuts :
spacebar = spin/quickstop/collect
*Some options not available on all devices.

AUTOPLAY allows you to bet using automatic game rounds that will continue until you choose to stop Autoplay.

This event results directly from a random number generator.

Bets can be adjusted to increase the value of your payout simply by selecting "Bet Price" and the option you want to choose.

The Totem Drop Extreme event does not use betslips or emails, instead, if you would like to review your bets placed your bet slips can be viewed in accounts transactions.

Play Credits will be deducted directly from players’ credits once they click on “Bet.”

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