£39,000,000= R757,000,000
Draw Time 18:45:00
Draw Date 02 Jul 2022
Max Jackpot Insured by International Insurer
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Draw Time 18:45:00
Draw Date 02 Jul 2022


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02 Jul 2022, Saturday

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The UK Lottery Plus Game

The national lottery of the United Kingdom, the UK National Lottery game, was founded in 1994 and is - to this day - one of the most popular lotteries there are. Luckily, registered LottoStar users can now also partake in this famous lottery by betting on the results of the game.

From as little as R15, the UK Lottery Plus gives players the chance to win fantastic guaranteed payouts. You can maximise your chances of winning by using the unique "Max All" option. 

Betting on the UK Lottery Plus is simple: All you have to do is select 6 numbers out of a possible 59 along with 1 Bonus Ball out of the remaining 53 numbers.

Live UK Lottery Plus Draws

Draws take place on Saturdays at 20:45. As soon as the numbers are drawn we publish them.

To bet on the UK Lottery Plus, make sure you place your bets before the cut-off time which is 19:45.

All the latest UK Lottery Plus draw results will be emailed to you shortly after each draw and you can view them.


A little bit of Direction

Quick Pick Selection

Quick Pick Selection allows you to select the number of entries you would like to purchase in a draw. The numbers of each entry will be randomly selected and where available, one can be able to select the number of draws. The entry selection starts from 1 and 200 is the highest number of selections.

Manual Selection

Manual Selection allows you to manually select your numbers for any number of entries. You can also use the Quick Pick (QP) button to generate your new numbers for each entry.

Quick Pick

Quick Pick allows you to randomly generate numbers for each entry by clicking the QP button.

Max All

The Max All option populates all available entries and sets them to the max boost value. Similarly, you can add more entries by clicking the Add Ticket button.

To delete your selected entries, click the Trash Can icon on the top left of each ticket.

Fixed Odds

When betting on LottoStar, you are placing a fixed odds bet. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information. To view your odds, please click here.