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A Winning Weekend For One Lucky Player
A Winning Weekend For One Lucky Player

Posted By: Dane Brown

It was winning weekend for one lucky player on LottoStar. In just six hours, one lucky winner won over R5.8 Million and went on to win a combined total of over R10 million. Talk about a winning streak! You could win a life changing payout in just a few hours – Place your bets on LottoStar today.

This is what our lucky winner had to say about their win:

You won over R5.8 Million in 6 hours and a combined total of over R10 million this weekend on our Lightening Roulette Live Game – how does this feel?

It feels great and I really enjoyed it. I deposited R500 and I was just betting for fun.

Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with and what was their reaction?

I usually share the exciting news with my mother but this time I told my father first. They were both really happy. I commented in the Lighting Roulette chat as well and I told the dealer that this game has changed my life.

Why do you choose to place your bets on our Lightning Roulette Live Game?

I just love Roulette over any other games. I really enjoy the art and skill that comes with betting on Roulette.

Do you know what you will be doing with your winnings?

I am currently shopping for some new clothes.

What do you think of LottoStar and your experience betting on LottoStar?

I am very happy with LottoStar. I have bet on many games and I have enjoyed them all. I have never had a problem betting on LottoStar.

Will you continue to place bets on our Lightning Roulette Live game and other games on LottoStar?

Yes, I will.

Do you recommend LottoStar to any of your family and friends?

Yes. I highly recommend LottoStar to everyone.

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who wants to win big on LottoStar?

Follow the dealer.

Do have any additional comments?

I was quite sceptical about betting online, I did not know you could win until I started betting on LottoStar.