EuroMillions Jackpot Still Unclaimed |
EuroMillions Jackpot still unclaimed
EuroMillions Jackpot still unclaimed

The EuroMillions seems to be the most generous lottery, with the latest winner, winning the €123 million jackpot which is just over (R2.1 billion) in South Africa. The winner is said to be a UK national, making him/her the third largest ever UK winner. The lucky winner is not yet known but whoever the winner is, they are about to be extremely wealthy. The winning numbers are; 25, 27, 39, 42 and 46, with 11 and 12 being picked for the lucky star numbers.

The mystery winner will surely have their hands full, thinking of exciting ways to spend their winnings. Perhaps, our unknown winner can draw some inspiration from previous EuroMillions winners, such as Fred and Lesly Higgins who won €58 million and occasionally spend their winnings on mini getaways in their Native Scotland. New Year’s Day winners, Frances, and Patrick Connolly who won €114.9 million spent their winnings on a second-hand Jaguar, they also plan on taking a trip to Mauritius as well as, going to watch a few rugby matches and the F1 Grand Prix.

Who knows what luxurious items our mystery winner will spend their 123 million euros on?

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Update 21 June 2019

Exciting news, the €123 million jackpot has been claimed! However, It is still unknown if the winner will reveal their identity or remain anonymous.