LottoStar Donates R20 000 In The 947 Fresh Deeds Radio Segment |
LottoStar donates R20 000 in the 947 Fresh Deeds radio segment
LottoStar donates R20 000 in the 947 Fresh Deeds radio segment

Posted By: Nicole

In the spirit of the festive season and giving back, Fresh on 947 is giving back to those less fortunate through the Fresh Deeds radio segment. For one week DJ Fresh and his team are providing help to a deserving cause or individual through donations from various sponsors. The recipients of these good deeds have been nominated by the public. Upon, hearing about these extraordinary acts of kindness, LottoStar reached out to 947 to offer assistance.

We received a letter about Hester Van Thonder, who is a single grandparent of six. Hester lost her husband 2 years ago and has since had to provide for a family of 8, including herself. Sadly, Hester also lost her son a year ago after he suffered a brain tumor. She is now the sole provider for her family. With only one stable income, Hester is struggling to provide food and necessities for her 8 dependants. One of Hester’s grandchildren will be starting school next year; however, she does not have any available funds to provide her grandchildren with school uniforms and stationery.

LottoStar was completely moved by Hester’s story and was delighted to provide her with a donation of R20 000 that will go towards stationery and uniform for her grandchildren. In addition, to the amount donated, LottoStar will contribute R4000 towards groceries, every month, for the year, 2020. We hope that this donation will help ease some of Hester’s worries. We admire Hester’s selflessness and wish her and her family all the best for the future and a blessed festive season.