LottoStar Helps Young Man Reclaim His Independence. |
LottoStar helps young man reclaim his independence.
LottoStar helps young man reclaim his independence.

Posted By: Lebo

LottoStar helped a young Monde Mashexa reclaim his independence with R44,000 in contributions from our How Lucky Can You Get? competition with Jacaranda FM.

Returning home from a rugby tour at the age of 17, Monde was accidentally shot four times in the spine and became paralyzed from the waist down. It has been a long 23 years of recovery for him and his family. Monde is 40 years old now and currently resides in Cosmo City in the West Rand.

A couple of years ago, Monde purchased a car that was adapted to his specific needs which gave him the freedom to move around. It was his lifeline to work and independence. He was also able to buy his own house.

Despite all the odds against him, such as not completing his matric, Monde kept his fighting spirit and did not give up. He has worked hard and completed his qualifications in IT and Accounting.

However, in 2019 he was retrenched. Shortly after was involved in an accident where the other driver smashed into his car from the side. The car got fixed but the mechanics did not notice the extensive damage that happened to the gearbox. Unemployment hasn’t made life easy as he was unable to drive his car and, his mom has been helping him pay for his bond.

LottoStar has graciously donated R44,000 to assist Monde to get his car repaired, pay his bond and other expenses while he searches for a new job in the meantime.