LottoStar Sponsors Five Kids' School Fees And Uniforms For A Whole Year! |
LottoStar sponsors five kids' school fees and uniforms for a whole year!
LottoStar sponsors five kids' school fees and uniforms for a whole year!

Posted By: Lebo

Every child deserves a good and safe childhood. Unfortunately for some kids, they will never be able to experience that due to the trauma they have to deal with from being abused. LottoStar has taken the initiative through Non-Profit organisation Bobbie Bear, to sponsor five kids' school fees and uniforms for a whole year.

Operation Bobbi Bear is a human rights organization committed to helping sexually abused children in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal. A Bobbi Bear is a non-threatening means (toy) for child victims of sexual abuse to communicate the nature of the abuse, crossing all language barriers and preventing secondary abuse at the point of rescue.

Organizations like Bobbie Bear help to provide a better understanding of actual events and enables the initiation of appropriate HIV and AIDS interventions. In the past 9 years reported cases of child sexual abuse have increased by 400%. It’s estimated that 51% of adults between 16 and 45 years are HIV+ in KwaZulu-Natal. Child rape victims experience secondary abuse when giving statements, evidence, and while being medically examined.

Some of the many objectives include applying therapeutic methods with the use of Bobbi Bear, to obtain forensic facts and evidence to assist the criminal process, within the best interests of the child. To empower and train local communities to collaborate with the criminal justice system, to ensure the rights and safety of the child (Preventative Measures). To train identified members within communities to be trained as community child safety officers and increase awareness within local communities, with the aid of Bobbi Bear as a symbol against sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS.

LottoStar takes great pride in sponsoring and uplifting communities around SA. You can help support by donating to Bobbie Bear or by becoming a volunteer.