Meet Our Live Games’ R2,4 Million Winner |
Meet our Live Games’ R2,4 Million winner
Meet our Live Games’ R2,4 Million winner

1. How do you feel about winning in ours?

To be honest with you, it’s not like I’m a heavy gambler but I enjoyed going to casinos until I heard about LottoStar on Jacaranda FM that’s when I started betting on your site. I realized how much better it is to bet online from the comfort of my own home.

2. What are you going to do with your winnings?

Well, I’ll definitely settle all my debts. I will assist my family and everyone else that I can.

3. Did you have a feeling that you would be a winner?

Yes, when I started playing, I had a feeling that I was going to win. There was something telling me to keep on playing. So, I did not stop. I made some big bets and eventually I won. When you get that winning streak feeling, you must keep on going.

4. What was your first reaction when you found out that you had won?

Well, I put down my phone, went down on my knees and thanked God because I needed this money.

5. Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with?

I kept quiet until this morning and then I told my wife, but she thought that I was joking. It took her about an hour for the news to settle in.

6. What do you love about Super Sic Bo?

I love the fact that there are extra chances of winning unlike with a roulette table where you only win the equivalent of what you bet. With the Super Sic Bo, you get random multipliers. In my case, I landed on a triple 6 with the 1000 times multiplier.

7. What is your favourite Live Game?

My favourite is the Super Sic Bo and secondly, the MONOPOLY Live.

8. What do you think of LottoStar and your overall experience betting on our platform

I’ve never had a bad experience betting on LottoStar. I’m always on the chats. When I deposit money, the services are fast, therefore, I don’t have to wait for my money to reflect in my account. It’s easy and much better than standing in a queue in a casino waiting to deposit your money. With LottoStar, I can just sit on my couch and do everything.

9. Will you continue placing your bets on our Live Games and other LottoStar games?

Oh, yes! Definitely. I will keep on playing because I want to win the Africa Millions’ R1.9 Billion! I love the Africa Millions game.

10. Would you recommend LottoStar to all your friends?

I’m always recommending it to a couple of my friends, and they are also betting on LottoStar.

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