Meet Our R750 000 UK Lottery Plus Winner! |
Meet our R750 000 UK Lottery Plus winner!
Meet our R750 000 UK Lottery Plus winner!

We have a lucky winner of Saturday’s UK Lottery Plus.

Mr C.W won R750 000 when he matched five numbers and one bonus ball on Saturday. Check out our interview with the lucky winner below:

What was your first reaction when you realized you won R750 000?

“Utter disbelief! It was a wonderful sense of disbelief and a huge adrenalin rush, followed by some yelping, screaming and jumping up and down!”

Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with and what was their reaction?

“My wife, she had actually been watching me on the phone and I think she was quite frightened as to what was going on but once I shared the news with her, she joined in on the yelping and the jumping up and down.”

What made you place a bet on the UK Lottery Plus on Saturday?

“Well, I’ve been playing it for a while now and its always struck me as really exciting to get access to play on all these big international lotteries. I’m not sure what made me play on Saturday, it was a pleasant win though.”

When placing your bet, did you decide to pick your own numbers, or did you use the quick pick option?

“I did a quick pick.”

Do you know what you will be doing with your winnings?

“Yes, I do. This is part of the wonderful miracle of it, my family and I have just started the process of buying a new house and we were quite stressed as to how we were going to pay for all the enormous costs that comes with buying a house, but, not anymore. This is kind of a lovely dream for us and it certainly takes the anxiety out of getting that dream which is wonderful.

What do you think of LottoStar and your experience?

“Its really easy and its been a very good experience for me. I particularly love the feedback that I get even if I don’t win. I like that you still get the results emailed to you. It’s lovely because not many other lottery sites do that.”

Did you ever think you would win the Lottery?

“For sure! You got to believe. I never had a sense that I would win in my rational mind, but in my soul, every single week!”

Will you continue to place bets on the Oz Monday and other lotteries on LottoStar?

“For sure, I think I will”.

The overall winning numbers for the UK Lottery Plus were: 4, 10, 15, 24, 37, 38 and 30 as the bonus ball.

LottoStar congratulates the winner and extends its warm Easter wishes. You could be next, predict your lucky numbers on UK Lottery Plus now.