Mega Ball R5 Million Jackpot Winner! |
Mega Ball R5 Million jackpot winner!
Mega Ball R5 Million jackpot winner!

Posted By: Lebo

1. What was your first reaction when you realized you won R5 Million on Mega Ball?

Ecstatic, I couldn’t believe my luck.

2. Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with and what was their reaction?

My wife. She also didn’t believe it.

3. What made you place a bet on the Mega Ball?

I tried out different games on LottoStar but this game is one of my favourite games.

4. Do you know what you will be doing with your winnings?

I’m going to pay off my bond, invest some of the money and maybe buy more property.

5. What do you think of LottoStar and your overall experience?

I’m happy with LottoStar and very positive about my overall experience.

6. Did you ever think you would win the Lottery one day?

No, never in this lifetime.

7. Will you continue to place bets on Mega Ball & other lotteries on LottoStar?

I will continue to place my bets on LottoStar.

8. Will you recommend us to your family or friends?