Part 10 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio Contributes A Share Of R1 Million To Households In Need |
Part 10 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need
Part 10 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need

Posted By: Nicole

We have come to the end of the LottoStar and East Coast Radio 100 households initiative. Over the last two weeks, we have contributed a share of R500 000 to 50 different families in need. We hope that this helping hand will provide some relief through this difficult time. Thanks to every person who graciously nominated a household in need – your nominations have provided a little bit of hope and light in many homes.

These are the final six recipients of R10 000, each in part 10 of our 100 households initiative:

Recipient 1, Linda Kanyemba

Linda and her husband Noel have three children, Noel was a chef at the Hilton and in January he got a job in Dubai. Noel worked in Dubai for two months but due to Covid- 19, he was laid off. He is still in Dubai and unable to get home due to travel restrictions during the lockdown. Linda cannot work due to the lockdown and has no income to buy food and necessities for her and her children. Linda is in dire straits having to provide for her children on her own without her husband who is stuck in Dubai with no money for essentials. Linda Kanyemba was nominated by Linda Jansen and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 2, Philip Lourens

Philip and Edna Lourens are the Directors of Amanzimtoti Cares. This organisation is a registered NPO. Amanzimtoti Cares rely solely on the local community for food donations. During this lockdown period they are trying to accommodate each request from local families for food parcels. Due to the lockdown, there are no donations and Amanzimtoti Cares are struggling to provide donations to the community. They are trying to support 15 families with children during this lock down period, this is more than their normal weekly food parcels that they supplied to families before the lockdown. Thanks to Elna Bogaard’s Philip Lourens will receive R10 000 to help fund Amanzimtoti Cares.

Recipient 3, Thobekile Mbanda

Thobekile Mbanda was unfairly dismissed at her workplace in 2019, she has been awaiting judgement from the CCMA which has been put on hold due to the lockdown. However, she has been making a living from her art. Thobekile founded Abancani Music jam which takes place at Phansi Museum, the project is a Saturday school for children between 5-15 years old, she teaches them how to play indigenous music instruments, writing and visual arts. Thobekile is also a musician and she would perform with her band as means of making a living, she also hosted live music performances at the Winston Pub called Izinsimbi Zomculo, however, these are now cancelled indefinitely. Thobekile is currently stuck at a rented cottage in Glenwood without food or rent and nowhere to go due to the lockdown restrictions. Thobekile was nominated by Makgotso Nkosi and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 4, Samantha Govender

Samantha and Malcolm are a young couple with two kids and have recently moved out of their parents’ home to start a life on their own. Samantha found a job in a hair salon and Malcolm works for an electrical maintenance company. Their income barely covers the costs of their living expenses and food for the month. When the pandemic struck, the couple did not have the funds to stock up on groceries and other essential items required. Both Samantha and Malcom cannot work during the lockdown and have no source of income. The family do not have much food left and the extension of the lockdown has made matters worse. Samantha was nominated by Rashid Shaik and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5, Saloshnie Padayachee

Saloshnie is a Beauty Therapist who works from home, this is her only source of income. Due to the lockdown, Saloshnie has no income to support herself and her son who recently got married and is currently out of a job due to the lockdown. In fact, Saloshnie, nominated her son in the 100 households initiative. It has been a very difficult time for Saloshnie and she is in desperate need of financial assistance. Thanks to Morganie Pillay’s nomination, Saloshnie will receive R10 000.

Recipient 6, Puvandhri Moodley

The Moodley family have no stable source of income within their household, Mr Moodley and his son do small jobs in their area to try to earn an income. It is often difficult for them to find work and can barely make ends meet most months. The Moodley family are in desperate need of financial assistance. Puvandhri was nominated by Dylan Daly and will receive R10 000.