Part 10 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 10 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 10 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Nicole

Over the last two weeks, the LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily initiative have contributed a share of R500 000 to 50 different families and households in the Western Cape. We hope that this small gesture can a long way in helping many these families who have been left in dire circumstances to the national lockdown.

These are the recipients of R10 000, each in our #WeAreFamily initiative:

Recipient 1: Samantha Kay

Samantha was set to start a new job but it had to be put on hold as the lockdown came into place. She is a single parent to two teenage boys, her family has had no food for two weeks now and to make matters worse her landlord sent her the first a letter of demand followed by an eviction notice. Samantha fears that her family will be starving and homeless soon and is in desperate need of financial assistance. Thanks to Samantha for sharing her story, she will receive R10 000.

Recipient 2, Willem Pedro

Monique Blanckenberg nominated Willem and he will receive R10 000. Willem is a pensioner and the sole bread winner in his household, he has two grandchildren and a daughter who is unemployed. Monique tries her best to support both her home and Willem’s household with what she can provide from her cupboard and freezer. Often, Monique makes one big pot of food to share between her and Willem’s family.

Recipient 3: Des-Rae Neethling

Des-Rae is a single mother to two children, they live in an emergency housing establishment and are awaiting access to an RDP home. She worked as a teacher’s assistant for three days a week until the lockdown began. Now Des-Rae is waiting and hoping for the schools to reopen. She tries to support her neighbour, who is coincidentally her mother and brother. However, supporting two households on the bare minimum is tough. Thanks to Des-Rae for sharing her story, she will receive R10 000.

Recipient 4: Micaelynn Joubert

Micaelynn is currently supporting her entire household as her husband is unemployed. The couple have a baby and Micaelynn is a learner at a Netcare hospital but she is currently on leave. Her salary is just enough to pay their rent and they live on a property in the back yard of someone’s home. After she has paid all their expenses, the couple are left with just R500 which they put towards buying essentials for their baby. Micaelynn’s family are in dire circumstances and do not know where their next meal will come from. Thanks to Micaelynn for sharing her story, she will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5: Carlo-mi Hietjies

Carlo and his girlfriend are both unemployed, they have two children of their own and two children from Carlo’s niece who passed away during the first week of the national lockdown. His family have no food or money and are basically surviving off donations from their neighbours. Thanks to Carlo for sharing his story, him and his family will receive a R10 000 helping hand.