Part 2 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio Contributes A Share Of R1 Million To Households In Need |
Part 2 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need
Part 2 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need

Posted By: Nicole

LottoStar and East Coast Radio continue the charitable contributions in part 2 of our 100 households initiative. Tune into East Coast Radio each day until 17th April to follow the journeys of our different nominees. Read all about our nominees and their stories below.

Recipient 1, Carin

The first recipient of R10 000 in part 2 of the LottoStar and East Coast Radio 100 household’s initiative is Carin. Nominated by her neighbour, Arthur Roets, Carin and her husband are parents to two young daughters. The young couple are both unemployed, however, Carin receives a grant each month which she uses to pay the rent for their one bedroom flat. The family has been without electricity since the 15th of December 2019 and they walk to the supermarket to buy groceries as they do not have any transport.

Recipient 2, Raksharani Moodley

Raksharani was retrenched from her job last month and she suffers with varicose veins as her previous job required her to be on her feet for long hours. Raksharani has no income and her son who works part-time as a security guard can no longer work due to the lockdown. Raksharani lives in a single room apartment and she cannot afford to pay rent or any of her other basic living expenses. Raksharani was nominated by Reshma Prag.

Recipient 3, Dinesh Maharaj

Dinesh is a freelance SETA accredited skills facilitator, assessor & moderator in the wholesale & retail sector. He trains employees for many establishments. In addition to this, Dinesh also gives Toastmaster public speaking lesson at various schools in KZN. Due to the lockdown, he cannot carry on with his training or his public speaking lessons. Ultimately, Dinesh cannot work throughout the lockdown period and is left without an income until his business can resume. Dinesh is struggling financially and feels helpless as he cannot afford rent, school fees or his car payments. Dinesh was nominated by Sandy Narainsingh.

Recipient 4, Lee Martin

Lee Martin was nominated as one of the recipients of R10 000 by his friend Jeroen Verbeek. Lee has been going through a difficult time as his recent divorce left him in a difficult position, financially. His son was left in his care and the company he worked for closed which means Lee had to find an alternative method to earning an income. Lee started his own motorbike workshop but unfortunately, was forced to close his business after two years due to the worsened economy. Lee is currently working as a sub-contractor, however, the income he earns from this is not enough to sustain his living expenses and he is barely making ends meet. Before the lockdown, Lee was faced with giving up his life insurance and gap cover in order to put food on the table and with the lockdown his situation has gotten much worse. Lee has not been able to pay his son’s school fees for the last few months and his last salary is barely enough to get him through the lockdown.