Part 2 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 2 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 2 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Nicole

The pain of not being able to put food on the table or a roof over the heads of your loved ones, that feeling of despair and not knowing where or who to turn to is a disheartening challenge that most families are dealing with during the lockdown. We aim to assist more families by helping to ease off some of their burdens and today was not different. We helped five more families in the Western Cape with a share of the R500 000.

Recipient 1: Naomi Cloete

Naomi was nominated by Anthea Adriaanse to receive R10 000 from LottoStar and Kfm. Naomi is a struggling single parent and teacher with no fixed monthly income. She and three other teachers at her school share a salary from the R200 monthly fees paid by parents. However, the same R200 monthly fees are also split between learning materials and maintenance structures of the classrooms. There are currently 70 learners. The school serves majority of learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and during the lockdown, only two parents have paid the fee meaning that there is no income for these teachers.

Recipient 2: Lynn Nathen

Lynn’s family of eight have been left in dire circumstances due to the lockdown, most of her family members are unable to work and are not earning an income. In addition, Lynn’s medical aid was put on hold as she could not afford to pay the instalments. Therefore, she cannot get any medication for her sons who need constant medical care. To make matters worse, the company she works for has faced financial difficulties and she has been working on a short time basis ever since. Thanks to Lynn for sharing her story. Lynn and her family will receive R10 000.

Recipient 3: Marilyn Jacobs

Marilyn Jacobs was nominated by her daughter Candice Jacobs and she will receive R10 000. Marilyn shares a home with her daughter, her daughters’ husband and their two children. Both Marilyn and her son in law work for small businesses and are not getting paid due to the lockdown. Candice cannot afford to support her mother and her sister as she has also been affected financially by the lockdown.

Recipient 4: Bridgette Morris

Bridgette is a stay at home mom who looks after their teenage daughter and her husband, Jason works in the film industry, building sets. Since the lockdown, the film industry has had less and less work due to international film makers going back to their respective countries. An income has not always been constant for Jason as this industry is seasonal, therefore, the couple have no income to sustain them through the lockdown. Brigette and Jason desperately need financial assistance to buy essentials during the lockdown. Bridgette was nominated by Tanya Lloyd and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5: Andisiwe Nobeta

Andisiwe is a single and unemployed mother to a premature 2-month-old baby. When she fell pregnant, she was working at Makro but currently has no income and lives in a 1-bedroom home with her infant. She has no baby clothes or food and can’t afford her rent. Andisiwe’s sister, Thozama reached out to us to assist. We’ve sent R10 000 to Andisiwe to help with her needs during this difficult time.