Part 3 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 3 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 3 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Nicole

Many face the harsh realities of the national lockdown, each day and are desperate for help in this difficult time. We have made it our mission to provide financial relief to as many families as we can through the LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily initiative. Over two weeks we are providing a R10 000 helping hand to 50 families across the western Cape. Tune into Kfm and nominate a family in need or share your story with us.

These are the five families that received R10 000, each in part 3 of #WeAreFamily:

Recipient 1: Luciano Die Santos

Luciano was nominated by his partner, Marco Charles to receive R10 000 from #WeAreFamily. Luciano had a stroke in November last year, that left him with right side paralysis. He is wheelchair bound and unable to work. They have also been met with more struggles while trying to claim a disability grant. Marco works part-time and on contract at an NGO. He is not sure how they will be able to get through this difficult time as they are also behind with their bills. We have sent R10 000 to Marco and his partner Luciano.

Recipient 2: Neelam Cerff

Neelam nominated herself to be one of the recipients of the R10 000. Her husband is self-employed and runs a small construction business but was diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) after he had a nervous breakdown in February. His last earnings were in January and they both have two children to take care of. Neelam has enormous debt as she’s been forced to borrow money from various financial institutions to try and cover other debt and basic essentials. With the lockdown in place, she might not be able to earn a salary because of the no-work-no-pay policy. We have sent R10 000 to Neelam.

Recipient 3: Elana Van Rensburg

Elana lost her husband just before the lockdown and has been left struggling to put food on the table and provide for her 2 children, aged between one and two years old. She is working but her salary can only cover the rent for their home. She needs food and nappies for her children but it is a struggle. Her husband did not have any life policies. We have sent Elana R10 000 to assist during this tough time.

Recipient 4: Beryl Denise Retief

Beryl is the sole breadwinner in their family and due to the lockdown she is unable to earn an income and provide for her family. Her husband has been unemployed since the beginning of the year and she has had to support her family on her own ever since. Beryl can barely afford to buy food for her family or pay her electricity and is in desperate need of financial assistance. Beryl was nominated by her daughter, Candice Retief and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5: John Pilakoutas

John was nominated by his sister in law, Cecelia Ehlers and will receive R10 000. Three years ago, John’s twelve-year-old son passed away during surgery and three days later John was retrenched. His wife found a job but unfortunately, she was retrenched too. For the last six months they have both been unemployed. The couple have an eleven-year-old daughter and their eldest son and Cecelia have been helping the family financially. However, their situation has worsened as they have now lost their home and as soon as the lockdown is over, they will be moving into Cecilia’s one bedroom flat with her. Their daughter will live with their eldest son until they can find work and get back on their feet. John and his family have suffered many hardships and are in desperate need of financial assistance.