Part 4 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 4 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 4 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Nicole

The Covid-19 pandemic came as a thief in the night, causing many countries like ours to declare a national lockdown to curb its effects and reduce the spread and number of infections by forcing people into self-isolation. While we all adhered to the government’s call to self-isolate and flatten the curve, we faced the economic challenges that come with it – poverty. Households and families are struggling to keep up. Bills keep on piling up. Cupboard shelves and fridges are empty. How will we get through this? Who should we turn to? Our response is we are here for you because #WeAreFamily. Here are today’s recipients of the R10 000 who reached out to us asking for help.

Recipient 1: Jacolene Jones

Jacoline is disabled, has no income and lives with her son and his girlfriend. Her son’s girlfriend also does not have an income. Jacolene’s son started a job two weeks before the lockdown and might not earn a salary due to the no-work-no-pay policy. She takes care of her mother, but they cannot all rely on her pensioner’s grant to sustain them. We have sent Jacolene R10 000 to assist in this tough time.

Recipient 2: Tougeedah Wilson

Tougeedah and his partner are unemployed and really struggling to a point that some nights they go to bed without any food. Tougeedah’s partner started a job two months ago but has been receiving no income since the lockdown. Brenda Green, Tougeedah’s mother, nominated them to receive R10 000. Brenda tries to assist them from her pensioner’s grant from the government but it is not enough. We have sent Tougeedah and his partner, R10 000 to assist in their plight.

Recipient: 3 Rolaine Somerville

Thanks to Rolaine for sharing her story, she will receive R10 000. Roliane and her husband moved to Cape Town in January to seek employment as they were both retrenched from their jobs in Durban on the same day in September 2019. After months of struggling to find employment in Durban, they decided to make the move to Cape Town, leaving their children behind to live with their grandparents. The couple left for Cape Town after Christmas and lived in a tent for the better part of three months. Eventually, both Rolaine and her husband found work and were finally up and running and ready for their children to join them at the end of March. They found a two-bedroom place to live in and their furniture and children were due to arrive on the 3rd of April. Their children arrived in the afternoon before lockdown. Due to the lockdown their furniture did not arrive, they are now living in an empty flat with some blow up mattresses, a fridge and some cutlery. Rolaine works in the holiday rentals industry, as she only just started work, she was laid off with immediate effect and her husband was put on a no work no pay basis until lockdown passed. It is the families first month in their new home and Rolaine and her husband cannot afford their rent and barely have money to buy food for their family. However, Rolaine has faith that her family will get through this difficult time.

Recipient 4: David Keuning

David owns a small drumming business which is his only source of income. He does djembe drumming for groups, for individuals, for parties and events, for rehabilitation centers - he does not get paid for his work at the rehab centers but he does it to give something back to others who have bigger challenges than himself - he loves these kids and people and says it keeps him grounded. He employs one or two other drummers if the size of the gig requires it. He lives in a small apartment and spends almost nothing on himself other than food. He had a few bookings before the lockdown came into effect, but they all cancelled. No with the lockdown in place, he has no work and no income. David’s sisters have provided him with food and some basic essentials but he is in desperate need of financial assistance. David was nominated by his sister, Marcelle Armstrong and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5: Nathan Small

Nathan got retrenched in July 2019 and ever since he has been struggling to find a new job. He started transporting school children to and from school to earn an income and provide for his family of four. Due to the lockdown, he has no source of income and fears he will not be able to provide for his family. In addition, Nathan has a three-year-old daughter who has a metal disability and needs special care. Nathan shared his story with us and will receive R10 000.