Part 7 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio Contributes A Share Of R1 Million To Households In Need |
Part 7 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need
Part 7 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need

Posted By: Nicole

Week two of the LottoStar and East Coast Radio 100 households continues, and many more families have graciously been nominated for financial support. We hope that this helping hand will provide some light and hope in many households.

These are the recipients of R10 000, each in part seven of our initiative:

Recipient 1, Ayande and Sma

Ayande and Sma worked for a well-known restaurant in the Midlands before deciding to start their own business in hospitality. The pair took over a struggling coffee shop in a conservative suburb in Pietermaritzburg and against all odds have become an integral part of the community. They are loved by everyone and know all their customers by name. However, due to the lockdown, Ayande and Sma are struggling to make ends meet. They have no income during the lockdown and no idea how they will pay for their rent this month. The couple needs financial assistance to provide for their children and pay for their basic living expenses. Thanks to Margaret’s nomination, Ayande and Sma will receive R10 000.

Recipient 2, Angela Arries

Angela Arries was nominated by Geraldine King as one of the recipients of R10 000. Angela Arries is a single mother and sole breadwinner in her household, she suffers with cellulitis in her legs and chronic pressure. Despite her medical condition, Angela still goes out of her way to find employment to support her family which includes part-time work in her community such as doing house cleaning for families. This is the only source of income in her household which consists of her two children, her two nieces and her nephew. Angela relies on donations from her church and local NPO’s - due to the National Lockdown these are now closed. Angela is unable to work or receive any donations which is putting a strain on her as she has no money to feed her family.

Recipient 3, Sphephelo Luthuli

The Luthuli family consists of three adults and three children. During the Lockdown their son who works in Durban came to live with them and there is now extra person to provide for. The family purchase food with the money form the child support grant the receive, however, it is not enough to sustain them through the lockdown. They need financial assistance in order to buy essentials and repair the roof of their two-bedroom home which is falling apart. Sphephelo was nominated by Ayanda Biyela and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 4, Gert Van Der Linden

Gert is a self-employed hairstylist who cannot work during the lockdown and has no income to support him and his family. He is a single father to his two sons, one who is overseas now, and only requires a bit of money from him. Gert does not receive any financial assistance form his ex-wife for their sons. He is always willing to help everyone and still trying to assist others during the lockdown. Thanks to Robyn Bahlmann’s nomination, Gert will receive R10 000.

Recipient 5, Sibusiso Ngubane

Sibusiso was nominated by his employer, Paul Stone and will receive R10 000. Sibusiso has lived on Paul Stone’s property for the past ten years and works for him two days a week. He works for several other people in the area on other days of the week, however, Sibusiso cannot work during the lockdown and went home to his family who live on a farm in Zululand. His wife is unemployed and he has a severely disabled daughter who he is caring for during the lockdown. Sibusiso has no form of income, Paul has tried to assist him by paying him this month for the days he would usually work, but this is only two days of the week. He is not sure how he will survive through the lockdown as he has no income and must support his family.