Part 8 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio Contributes A Share Of R1 Million To Households In Need |
Part 8 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need
Part 8 | LottoStar & East Coast Radio contributes a share of R1 million to households in need

Posted By: Nicole

With the lockdown extended many more families are in desperate need of financial aid and we must work to together to help as many people as we can. Remember to listen to East Coast Radio each day, this week and nominate a household that is in need. These are the families that received R10 000, each in part 8 of 100 households.

Recipient 1, Benedicte Haley

Benedicte lost her job six months ago and has been battling to find another job ever since. After losing her job, Benedicte makes dream catchers and sells them at various markets to make a living but during the lockdown she has not been able to do this. She and her husband (who is also unemployed) are generous and sincere people who always try to help others in need before they help themselves. The couple are in dire need of financial assistance. Benedicte was nominated by Gail Janjetich and will receive R10 000.

Recipient 2, Michelle Jacobs

Michelle and her family run Bobbi Bear, a non-profit organisation for abused children. The organisation currently has children in the home and is still attending to case’s during the lockdown. They rely on donations but in the uncertain times these are few. The staff at Bobbi Bear are doing everything with barely any supplies or income. The family have faced so many obstacles but the lockdown has been one of the most difficult times for them. They need financial assistance to keep Bobbi Bear open and to pay for urgent medical and living necessities. Keeping their doors open will mean helping and saving many children during this time. Thanks to Michelle Sander’s nomination Michelle Jacobs and her family will receive R10 000.

Recipient 3, Elliot Buthelezi

Elliot Buthelezi is the sole breadwinner to his four children and grandchildren. Elliot’s wife passed away in 2018 and he got retrenched in the same year, since then he has been self-employed as transport driver for school children. Since the lockdown, Elliot has been struggling to put food on the table for his family. Elliot is one of the recipients of R10 000.

Recipient 4, Genevieve Liebenberg

Genevieve was nominated by Virginia Horsley as one of the recipients of R10 000. Genevieve runs an NPO which helps people and animals in need. She also owns a coffee shop in Hillcrest called Cafe Breve and has not been able to trade since lockdown. With no source of income, she may not be able to pay rent this month, but she is more concerned that she doesn’t have the finances to help others. One of the most difficult parts of the lockdown is that Genevieve is not able to travel to the babies and families which she supports through her NPO. However, she hasn’t given up and has been looking for online work to help earn an income during this time. Genevieve hopes that the income she receives from her online work will not only help her but allow to her send food and electricity vouchers to those in need. Sadly, she has not had any success so far.

Recipient 5, Lindy Robinson

Lindy is a single mother, who has been unemployed for close to two years, however that has not stopped her from trying to support he family without depending on those around her. She attends weekly local flee markets selling second-hand items in order to support her son. Her son’s father currently lives in the UK and does not support the family, financially. Lindy is a very hard worker and is always willing to help anyone in need. During the lockdown period, she unfortunately has no source of income and she can’t attend any markets until lockdown is lifted. Thanks to Faye McIntosh’s nomination, Lindy will receive R10 000.