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Contributions to Charity in the LottoStar & Jacaranda FM "How lucky can you get?" competition.

SPCA - selected by Martin Bester

For over 60 years, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), has been protecting the country's animals. Their mission is to "prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of animals.". In addition, their objective is to ensure that the protection for all animals under the South African law is met and respected.

The NSPCA is not funded by government and relies purely on donations made by the public. Each SPCA is autonomous to the NSPCA and each one is responsible for its own funding, making it vital for people in each area to support an SPCA closest them.

The SPCA's offer a number of services in the support of animals, namely the following:

  • Clinics: offering medical treatment for sick and injured animals as well as for vaccinations, general consultations, neutering etc.
  • Lost and Found: reports are taken here for all missing animals
  • Animal Shelter: providing safety for stray, abandoned, rescued and unwanted cats and dogs
  • Inspectorate Department: managing cruelty reports and home inspections for pre and post adoptions
  • Youth and Education: providing opportunities for animal education and community engagement

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Members of the public can assist by becoming a volunteer, offering a service, becoming a member, making a donation or leaving a bequest. Corporate sponsorship is of course always appreciated by all SPCA's.

Supporting the SPCA assists in the prevention of animal cruelty and animal security.

It's time to give back, so make sure you join LottoStar and Jacaranda FM on this journey!

LottoStar | Jacaranda FM update: 11 March 2019

The final amount contributed to SPCA is: R40 000.