The Big Favour Receives Contribution From The How Lucky Can You Get? Competition |
The Big Favour receives contribution from the How Lucky Can You Get? competition
The Big Favour receives contribution from the How Lucky Can You Get? competition

Posted By: Nicole

The Big Favour is an East Coast Radio feature which is centred around giving back to the less fortunate. Through the various acts of kindness and generosity of sponsors, The Big Favour assists individuals and organisations with various needs. For over ten years, the inspiring and heartfelt stories featured on the show, have touched the hearts of many listeners as well as East Coast Radio presenters.

Not only has the charitable radio segment helped many people realise their dreams but they’ve been a beacon of light in the lives of many families.

In the past, The Big favour has assisted in different causes such as helping a 17-year-old boy achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. The team rounded up sponsors who generously donated a brand-new laptop to the young adult, so, that he could begin his studies and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, one day.

Along with that, The Big Favour helped a young boy, diagnosed with cancer, realise his dream of staying in a hotel with his family. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks later but the act of generosity, care, and kindness of the Big Favour and their sponsors left a lasting impact in the hearts of the young boy’ s family and listeners.

LottoStar would like to assist The Big Favour in making a difference in many more lives.

The additional winnings in the LottoStar and East Coast Radio How Lucky Can You Get? Competition, on-air from 28 Oct to 8 Nov, will be matched and donated toward various causes in the Big Favour segment.

The Big Favour continues to change and shape so many lives - listen every Thursday at 06:40 am, on East Coast Radio Breakfast with Damon Beard.

LottoStar | East Coast Radio update: 11 November 2019

LottoStar and East Coast Radio's How Lucky Can You Get? competition raised a total of R259 750 towards The Big Favour initiative.